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About us

About us

When Beena Sarwar launched this weekly magazine in 1994 with her team, she laid the right foundations. Over the years The News on Sunday has emerged as a platform for dissenting voices and for challenging and questioning the status quo.

Then called The News on Friday (TNF), it had introduced many firsts to mainstream journalism in Pakistan. It did this not just by going in-depth into serious political issues, but also by recognising the significance of ‘fringe’ issues like art, culture and fashion as integral to the country’s socio-political realities. TNF always took these issues seriously, long before they became lucrative businesses — and therefore not to be scoffed at as frivolous pastimes — in their own right in Pakistan.

The readers today may recognise TNS for its liberal, progressive and secular leanings. They can’t be blamed for doing so. In a bid to help build a democratic, cultured, tolerant and aware society, it has sometimes followed the norms and at other times broken them; it has created boundaries and pushed them too.

In terms of specialisation, TNS has been a trailblazer be it literature, culture, travel, fashion or sports. Yet there are times it is criticised for not doing cookery or gardening or health or lifestyle. But it can only do as much and cannot claim to cover everything under the sun.

Meanwhile, it is constantly struggling to live up to the expectations and standards of excellence that it has set for itself, trying to wed them with a dash of creativity. For those who work here, TNS is a tough assignment.

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