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White winter’s tale

Glimpses of Pakistan’s dreamy snowscapes up north

White winter’s tale

Winter has its own charm. Wrapped up in a blanket while sipping coffee or tea, and sitting in front of a fire, I am always reluctant to leave cozy settings.

But when the opportunity arose to go to the hilly areas, I jumped on it — eager to have the surreal snowfall experience in the Galiyat and Chitral, and get a glimpse into the life of people who are used to it.

Life in the snow-shrouded terrain is different, difficult even — as it becomes hard to walk and drive through the snow-covered tracks and roads. Though the visibility is poor for long-distance travelling, the sight of fresh snow falling in the hazy environs is awe-inspiring. Common sights also include people pushing their vehicles stuck in the snow, cleaning the rooftops of their houses, and gathering around stoves to keep themselves warm as a sheet of snow covers everything in the outdoor.

It is amazing how the people living here survive the hardships that come —considering how difficult it is to even wash one’s hands and face with the water there being too cold to touch and turning to ice within minutes.

View of snowfall in a hotel in  Galiyat

Nothing but snow

All frozen

When snow shroud everything

Normal way of keeping warm in  outdoor

Snow piles up on everything inoutdoor

 Snow increases labour to keep life  moving

Pushing vehicle when snow is  slippery

Muhammad Niaz

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