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Training the mind

Mental sports competitions are being launched in Pakistan which will demonstrate the brain’s ability to memorise unlimited amount of information, facts and figures at an unparallel speed

Training the mind

Institute of Human Memory Development (IHMD) has acquired authorisation from the World Memory Sports Council to launch National Memory Sports Council of Pakistan.

Consultants of IHMD will organise their Introductory Workshop on October 28 to launch its training programmes in Karachi.

IHMD’s experts and trainers having certifications from the UK and the US will brief the audience and introduce them to the fascinating programmes that can unleash the powers of the brain. There are many events such as Olympics that celebrate excellent achievements in physical fitness and sports.

In Pakistan there has never been a platform for training and demonstrating the excellence of the human brain.

For the first time, competitions of mental sports are being launched in Pakistan which will demonstrate the brain’s ability to memorise unlimited amount of information, facts and figures at an unparallel speed.

The spokeswomen of IHMD Sania Alam told ‘The News on Sunday’ that the purpose behind organising the workshop was to bring awareness to the people of Pakistan about how every human can harness the abilities of the brain.

At IHMD they believe that every human is a potential genius. When the brain is well nurtured and rightly educated, only then can the inner genius truly come into play.

The workshop on October 28 will introduce the programmes which will allow students, sportsmen and professionals to achieve accelerated learning.

Our society is completely oblivious to the ways of accelerated learning that have become popular and widely spread in the developed world. IHMD’s trainers have brought all these technologies from all over the world for the people of Pakistan. They have done years of extensive research into the human brain, mind and heart and have put together a combination of powerful training programmes worth millions of dollars to help students, sportsman and professionals achieve accelerated learning, Sania elaborated.

Mental sports training includes such courses as mind mapping, memory skills, speed reading, math genius, memory athlete, exam success and applied innovation.

“We are the only authorised institute in Pakistan to hold national memory championships,” she said.

She added that Grand Master of Chess Raymond Keene is the Co-Founder of World Memory Sports Council (WMSC) which has authorised Pakistan’s National Memory Sports Council.

These courses have proven to help enhance the performance of individuals from all walks of life such as physical sportsmen, businessmen, students, politicians, corporate sector officials, doctors, and engineers.

“Our training programmes focus on teaching individuals How to Learn. This is a key that’s missing from the majority of education systems around the globe. Our training covers everything from learning how to memorise large volumes of information, numbers, facts, figures to being able to read at lightning speed, to calculating numbers in the head faster than a calculator, becoming creative, innovative and much more. These technologies are used by Fortune-500 companies such as NASA, Apple, Microsoft, HP, Intel, Sony and Walt Disney. It’s all about muscle building. You exercise the body for fitness. Similarly, you must exercise the brain into fitness,” she mentioned.

Sania said that the introductory workshop is an event for over 700 participants.

Syed Intikhab Ali

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