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The third man

The mystery of why the Boston Marathon attack bomb maker is not in custody

The third man
Boston Marathon attack: The man who made the bomb is still free.

Dear All,

A recent investigative report by the Newsweek reveals that the man who, almost certainly, built the bombs used in the Boston Marathon attack five years ago is still free despite substantial evidence of his complicity in the bombing.

The story by Newsweek’s Michelle R. McPhee is disturbing: it recounts how the white, non-Muslim man linked to building the actual bombs that the Tsarnaev brothers used in the attack is ‘still on the loose’ and police’s attempt to prosecute him appear to have been obstructed by the FBI.

It’s a gripping story which begins with the episode where police discovered a bomb making factory in the bedroom of 27-year-old Daniel Morley in Topsfield, Massachussetts. They were called to the home of Morley by his mother who along with his stepfather had escaped from the house by climbing out of a top floor window after the ‘6 foot 2, 240 pound’ Morley threatened and intimidated them. Police found ‘a well-stocked bomb making facility’. And here in Morley’s bedroom which ‘had several components identical’ to those devices used at the Boston Marathon.

Five years after the Boston Marathon attack, the man who was suspected of having built the actual bomb used in the attack on the Marathon is free, and employed by the state.

But, mysteriously, as Topsfield cops and state police were searching the premises the FBI arrived on the scene and for some reason got involved in the case: they also later showed up at Topsfield Police stations and seized much of the evidence that police had collected from Morley’s home. Charges against Morley were mysteriously dropped by the district attorney’s office, and when asked why, the DA’s spokeswoman referred questions to the FBI. The FBI declined to answer any questions saying simply “we didn’t find anything”.

But according to the Newseek story, Morley was linked to the attack and investigators say he knew Tamerlan Tsaernev (the brother who was shot by police after attempting to escape three days after the bombing) as “they were in the same criminal justice class at Bunker Hill Community College in 2008”.

Moreover, the story says that it is highly likely that Morley was one of the men involved in a gunpoint robbery at a Boston 7-Eleven three days after the bombing, and two of his friends and a family member agreed that the attacker captured on surveillance video bore an uncanny resemblance to him. The 7-Eleven holdup three days after the bombing preceded the killing of an MIT police officer and a carjacking, firefight and police pursuit in which one of the Chechen brothers was killed and the other captured.

Yet despite the surveillance video, this ‘third man’ (most likely Daniel Morley) is not mentioned. Morley was not charged, the police investigators’ dossier on him was never presented in court and he is, according to the Newseek, now employed by the state ‘driving a van that transports the elderly’.

This is the man whose bedroom was a bomb making factory and whose volatile behaviour was evident from the incident in which he threatened his mother and step-father.

Five years after the Boston Marathon attack, the man who was suspected of having built the actual bomb used in the attack on the Marathon is free, and employed by the state. Despite the surveillance video of the robbery, he was never questioned by the Police. Tamerlan Tsaernev is dead and his brother Dhzokhar has been sentenced to death, waiting in a high security prison for the mandatory appeal to be done with.

Yet Daniel Morley is a free man and the FBI’s role in this matter remains unclear.

Kudos though to the Newsweek for keeping an eye on his story.

Best wishes

Umber Khairi

The author is a former BBC broadcaster and producer, and one of the founding editors of Newsline.


  • Elisabeth Ritter-Blaser

    Whoever is interested shall look into the Paul Craig Roberts under Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and BMB plan 2008 and Richard Serino from FEMA! Dzhokhar is completely innocent and sits now in ADMAX Colorado Florence where he never belongs! He for Gods sake should get his freedom back! What was done to him and his deceised brother is an atrocity and should never have happened! A Western Country as I look at the US should never embrace the wrongful convictions and sentences of innocent people! And that is exactly what has happened to Dzhokhar who is one of many who are sitting innocent on death row and behind bars lifelong!I am not sure if Morley was involved in the bombing or if he is another patsy to be blamed of! It can be that Tamerlan knew Morley but highly doubt that they were good friends as McPhee puts it though! McPhee as well does not point to the innocence of the Tsarnaev brothers but indicates that Morley and the two of them set the bombs together! This is complete nonsense!

  • Elisabeth Ritter-Blaser

    If my comment is deleted above because I have pointed out to the complete innocence of the Tsarnaev brothers I will say a word or two in regards of the vanishing of my comments! The public has the right to know the whole truth and has the right to realize that they were lied to! I hope that Dzhokhar receives the whole justice he deserves and that he can heal completely from all this hell he was put through! For the sake of the US Government I hope that Dzhokhar will not be executed because the world will know of Dzhokhars complete innocence! I hope that Tamerlan receives the Justice that he ….allthough dead………deserves…….I hope Ibragim Todashev…..allthough he is dead as well……. receives the Justice he deserves and all those who unlawfully found death deportation incarceration and threats …..because of the wrongful conviction Dzhokhar has received and still is gong through!

  • Please.. my friend…..congratulation the materiaThenews!! the brothers Tsarnaev victims that bombimg are in Bosto…….please tradicio….”Os irmão not motivo ir no MIT…buscar Sean Colin.backpack white the Dzhokar….implodade Black…porque as câmeras mal postada confirma que os brothers estavam no…Mit….freedon for Dzhokhar….

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