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What the stars say about Eid

Pakistan’s film industry - Lollywood - may be over and out but its stars will always be in our hearts and concern for the country is always in theirs.

What the stars say about Eid

Pakistan’s film industry – Lollywood – may be over and out but its stars will always be in our hearts and concern for the country is always in theirs. Instep talks to some of them to find out how they’ll be celebrating Eid and how they recommend their fans spend it too. Here are their messages of love and concern to the armed forces, the refugees and the less privileged.

Bushra Ansari


“Eid was a lot more fun when we were children because only kids get to enjoy festive occasions without any worries about the next day. I remember that even the smallest amount of Eidi in our childhood was received like ‘qaroon ka khazana’. We used to go out to play on the swings, buy pakoras, sweets and toys for ourselves. Alas! Now the situation has changed: being artists, we have to entertain others and keep them happy on this day. Poor people don’t have many options for celebrating Eid so they turn to the TV for entertainment and to forget their deprivation. That’s why I suggest that wealthy people should take great care of the downtrodden, who are deprived of the basic necessities of life. We used to make three to four joras for Eid – I feel that only one also works fine and some of our old clothes can even be gifted to the needy.

It’s also perturbing for me that our army is fighting in Waziristan on this occasion and they cannot enjoy Eid with their family. We should also take care of IDPs, who have left their homes and belongings.”

Firdous Jamal


Firdous-Jamal“I’ll definitely be saying my Eid prayers. Apart from that, I will not be celebrating Eid this year since a number of my loved ones, including my mother, mother-in-law and sister-in-law, passed away recently. Also, I find it hard to celebrate when the country is plagued by load-shedding, inflation and terrorism. How can we possibly be happy on Eid when it is just not peaceful? Our army is fighting in Waziristan and we can only think of them and the IDPs. Only our childhood Eid was enjoyable. In the past, there were a number of TV shows of which I was a part during Eid. Now, everything has shifted to Karachi and the former hub of drama and film that is Lahore has now gone barren. This is another reason for my unhappiness during Eid.”

Syed Noor


Syed-Noor“I believe that melas (fairs) are for young people, wedding ceremonies for women and Eid for children. I have many fond memories of Eid during my younger days, since we used to go watch films with our Eidi. Now that I have a son and daughters, I care more for their happiness. I try my best to spend Eid with them.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a film releasing on Eid. However, all eyes are on Sultanat and I pray for its success. After Eid, I’ll be continuing my shooting of my new film Bhai Wanted and Protocol. At Eid ul Adha, there’s a good chance that I’ll release Price of Honour. All of us should pray for the country on this occasion.”


Film Actress

P1080010“I’m eagerly waiting for this Eid since my family members are reunited on this occasion. We have lots of fun together. I find the catching up to be more pleasant than the gifts and sweets that my cousins bring for me. By the way, I’ll admit that the real Eid was in our childhood when we used to collect Eidi from our elders. Now I would like to go out to have a good time but my celebrity status prevents me from doing so. At home, I enjoy watching TV shows. The real secret of my happiness on this occasion is the company of ‘Shah jee’ (Syed Noor). He is a great personality and makes Eid, Eid for me!”


Film Actress

Meera“This Eid is special for me as my mother has returned home and I have started acting on stage. My first play will be staged at the Tamaseel theatre in Lahore. I’m busy with rehearsals these days and am working hard to secure my place in theatre as well. I’ve bought many joras for Eid, which will come in handy for stage too. Eid Mubarak to all my friends!”

Gia Ali


Gia-Ali“I didn’t celebrate Eid since my mother died two years ago. This year I plan to buy Eid clothes. I’m just wrapping up my shoot in Lahore and will hopefully be back in Karachi to celebrate. I’ll stay at home because I get bothered by people who recognize me outside. But I plan to go to Murree with my family after Eid. I would request my fellow citizens to cooperate with traffic police and stay safe during Eid.”

Madiha Shah

Film and Stage Actress

Madiha-Shah“Since I’m fasting, I’ll enjoy Eid immensely. Chand raat is special because my cousins and friends get together to exchange gifts, apply mehndi  and have fun till the late hours of the night. I’ve been offered some stage dramas but after a month of fasting, I find it hard to get back to work immediately. I need proper rest for a while. No doubt our country is facing several ordeals but we need one day to forget all our worries. I think we should donate to the needy on this occasion as well.  Eid Mubarak to all my fans and a salute to the Pakistan Army.”

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