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Foot In Mouth Sana Askari


Foot In Mouth Sana Askari

What misconceptions do people have about you?

I don’t know, but I guess people think that I have an attitude problem, but it is certainly not true. I consider myself a bubbly and lively person.

What’s the worst rumor you have heard about yourself?

The worst one? [Pause] Well, a couple of months back, a random girl called my husband and was like, “Minhaj, I heard you got divorced!” I was sleeping right next to him and I was like “WHAT???”. I guess that was the worst one related to me. [Laughs]

Any lessons learnt the hard way?

Not really… [Pause] I’m just going with the flow and concentrating towards my career while being busy with my own life, so nothing of the sort happened anyway.

What’s the weirdest thing a fan has ever said to you?

A fan never said anything really weird to me, but yes, once I came across a girl and she told me that she watches me all the time on TV and I think that is pretty funny. Rather I would say that it is so sweet of her.

Tell us something no one knows about you?

Some people think of me as a blunt person, but hardly anyone knows that I am very lively and I’m always ready to take a break. For that, after every few months of work, I go for adventures and vacations, party out and come back. Something I do daily is that whenever I get free of work, even if it’s late at night, I go out for a while, let it be anywhere…You know it just releases all the tension and work exhaustion somehow.

What drives you: Money, fame or success?

Nothing! I am living a good life and enjoying every moment of it, so there’s nothing that drives me.

What do you fail to understand about the opposite sex?

I don’t know, but I guess there’s nothing that I don’t understand about the opposite sex. I mostly go out with guys more than girls, so I know them really well. I am pretty comfortable talking to them and hanging out with them.

What is the most important relationship advice you can give?

Hmmm… [Pause] I would say mental compatibility and understanding each other is the most important thing in every relationship. So try to maintain that and always try to be friends with each other as this will definitely lead you towards a healthy relationship.

When was the last time you kicked ass?

It happens every day! Everyday somebody gets his ass kicked over, especially on shoots. I am a very wild person and there are certain things that can annoy me pretty fast.

What do you consider your best physical asset?

I would say my eyes and my hair. I love them and I consider them as the best features I could obtain from my Maker.

Have you ever done anything you shouldn’t have?

I have no regrets in my life but yes, sometimes I feel like I shouldn’t have left painting. Painting is no doubt a passion for me and now I don’t really get time to paint. I remember, the last painting that I made was of my husband.

Have you ever envied another person?

No, I have never done that, never ever done that!

Define your sense of style?

A pair of jeans, cool top, flat sneakers or gorgeous shoes with tied-up hair.

What is the price of success?

For me, it’s nothing. But yes, one thing I feel is that due to my busy schedule at work, I am not able to meet my family very often, let it be Mom, Dad, Mamu, Khala or others. That’s the only price I am paying.

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