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Runway Prepping

Four top models share their fashion week run-up routines

Runway Prepping

Fashion weeks can be daunting for models, both young and old, as blinding lights throw a very harsh glare on them, leaving them overexposed and open to scrutiny. It becomes all the more important for them to prep their body and skin, well in advance, for an energetic, fresh and hydrated look instead of simply relying on layers and layers of make-up. Instep catches up with four models at the Telenor Fashion Pakistan Week to find out how they manage to keep their skin flawless and balance their fitness equation for that ‘perfect’ catwalk.

Fouzia Aman
Running for the runway

The alluring Fouzia Aman, who captivates with her slim figure and wasp waist, relies on regular running to cope with the physical demands of fashion week. She complements running with lots and lots of water to keep her hydrated at the same time. “Running is a must for me. I wake up every morning and run around the area I live for at least an hour, till I am sweating from head to toe because that keeps me active and energetic while walking on the ramp,” she shared. “Other than that, a balanced diet minus all the junk food plus a regular intake of vitamin C sums up my prep for fashion week.”

Cybil-for-Madiha-RazaCybil Chowdhry
The cat that got the cream

Super stylish Cybil doesn’t really need make-up to look beautiful on the runway but the model swears by three products that have always remained at the top of her list of fashion week essentials. “I rely on Pond’s cold cream for cleansing every night post the show. It’s the best!” claimed Cybil. “I then follow up with Nivea Soft lotion to moisturise and finally top it off with La Mer’s night cream.”

Amna-Ilyas-for-JafferjeesAmna Ilyas
The power of the pool

As a model Amna Ilyas is unabashedly fierce, confident and glides down the runway like she simply owns it. But what’s her holy grail for that intimidating walk? “Swimming,” she exclaimed. “I swim a lot prior to the fashion week in order to build up energy and sustain it for a longer time because it makes it easy for one to pull off a confident walk on the runway. It develops your stamina and helps you avoid looking dull and sluggish.”

Sabeeka-for-Nida-AzwerSabeeka Imam
Caviar and Chanel for the skin

It’s impossible not be drawn by Sabeeka’s luscious long hair and radiant, fair complexion as she takes her spot on the runway. What’s her secret for that glow and dewy look? “I have a very consistent cleansing and toning regime and I never head out without a sunscreen,” said Sabeeka adding that a model’s beauty regime should not be different otherwise either. “I am currently using La Prairie’s Skin Caviar underneath the foundation to give my skin a smooth texture and I regularly apply Chanel’s CC cream to overcome any blemishes or redness that may develop. Those are my two top products that I can’t do without.”

Photographs by Tapu Javeri, Hair & Makeup: N Pro

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