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“It’s really about the small things in life” – Mooroo

Singer and social media sensation Taimoor Salahuddin aka Mooroo, who takes us on a trip up North in his latest vlog,shares some travelling tips and tricks with Instep.

“It’s really about the small things in life” – Mooroo
(L-R) Mooroo, Ahsan Ahmad and Irfan Junejo take us up North in their latest vlog.


Taimoor Salahuddin aka Mooroo has been making socially relevant, tongue in cheek videos for the last couple of years; it’s one of the many things he’s been doing  aside from singing and other ventures. His most recent vlog, in which he travels across Pakistan along with two of his friends, the artist takes us to some of the most beautiful sites in the country and also tells us what he learned on his way. The idea behind making this blog, according to Mooroo is “to induce a sense of adventure in people and tell them not to be afraid and see what they are missing by remaining in their comfort zones. Nothing really happens.”

Starting off in Karachi, the trio – Irfan Junejo, Ahsan Ahmad and Mooroo himself – headed to Lahore via plane after which they travelled throughout in a car. Post Lahore, the places they visited include Islamabad, Balakot, Naran, Kaghan and other destinations in Pakistan’s stunning northern areas. The most recommended spots that appeared worth the hassle and time were Lake Saiful Muluk and Ansoo Lake, despite a bit of risk involved in getting there. Once you watch the vlog, we’re sure you would like to pack your bags and head out to witness the beauty that lies in our very own country. But before you take off on the trip, here is what you need to keep in mind, according to Mooroo.

Tips and Tricks

Though it depends on what activities one plans to indulge in up North, it is important to prepare yourselves beforehand. “If you want to climb a mountain, tracking gear is essential since it is going to be a difficult track,” Mooroo shares with Instep. “We didn’t go with any tracking gear and didn’t necessarily feel any need for it either for the type of track we were doing. But it’s better to keep it along as there have been people who have died because of lack of equipment and mal- preparation.”

Mooroo also talks about a few precautionary steps that make the trip a lot easier. He says, “There are several Facebook pages that are dedicated to Gilgit, Sawat, Nanga Parbat and tracking clubs. Also, news channels let you know which road is ill-constructed in what area or if there is landslide in a particular area so you can’t travel. This can be done on your way as well. While you are going along, it is better to stop after short intervals and check with people of the locality if the path is clear and which route is better to take. To plan out our trip, I did all this on Google maps though.”

Saif ul Muluk

Saif ul Muluk

Aside from preparing oneself for tracking and having a clearer idea of routes and condition of roads, there are a few must-haves to be taken care of. “It’s always good to have a four-wheel drive car because your car could be the difference between you getting there or not getting there,” adds Mooroo. “There are places where you will need it and you can’t get any further if you don’t have it. It’s good to either rent a car or get one if you don’t own any.”

Speaking about places that must be visited by anyone who travels up North, Mooroo insists that out of all the places they visited, Saiful Muluk is a must visit as it’s an internationally known natural beauty spot and for good reason. He also stated that a lot of people don’t go to Ansoo Lake but if one is into physical exertion, they will enjoy it. “The struggle is worth more than the actual lake. I personally think Saiful Muluk is more beautiful than Ansoo Lake but getting to the Lake and then getting to see it is like a reward for all the work that you put in.”

On a concluding note, here’s what Mooroo likes to advise everyone who’s reading this: “Just do it! It’s reinvigorating for the soul. Go check out the places. It’s like setting a physical goal since it involves physical hardships. When you get there, it gives you the confidence to do bigger and better things. People who push their boundaries physically and accomplish their small goals, make them bigger as they go along.”

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