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PCB’s conflict management skill

Amir should thank all three — Imran Khan, PCB and Yasir Shah — for coming to his rescue

PCB’s conflict management skill
— AFP photo

Despite all the efforts of incredible TV anchorpersons and so-called cricket experts to keep fueling Amir’s case, the PCB did a remarkable job to resolve the conflict between him and two senior members of the Pakistan team.

Conflicts are part of human relations and so is difference of opinion between individuals, but what matters most is the approach adopted to handle the issue.

We are an emotional cricketing nation with strong likes and dislikes and little capacity to forgive and forget. Our lack of this capacity is due to our lack of emotional quotient, big egos and poor life skills.

Whereas the media mostly and rightly criticises PCB for many outrageous decisions, this time the credit should be given to the PCB top management for persuading Azhar Ali and Mohammad Hafeez to join the fitness camp. It has saved Pakistan cricket from a big humiliation at a critical juncture.

I personally have no love lost for Muhammad Amir, but being a humble student of human behaviour, sports and conflict resolution, I very well understand the unpredictability of human behaviour on one hand and the tremendous capacity of human brains to address and overcome the shortcomings and mistakes committed, especially in an impressionable age.

I have closely watched Amir’s course to recovery and I am quite confident that the young lad will not disappoint the nation again.

Unfortunately the electronic media is still evolving in our country and has just started maturing after crossing the boundaries of infancy.

In such situation mistakes are likely to occur, but seasoned cricketers like Rameez and Yousuf should not adopt hard lines on issues like this. It allows others to question their own credibility.

The cricket-crazy countrymen look upon these senior players as role models and TV channels are not the place to settle personal rivalries.

We all respect their difference of opinion, but difference of opinion should be based on sound judgement and logical progression. I think that the vital mistake committed by most of the analysists and anchorpersons, consciously or otherwise, while discussing Amir’s offence, is to view him with the same lens with which they view Asif and Salman Butt.

To my mind it is absolutely unfair to compare a 19-year-old player with a responsible team captain and a habitual offender like Muhammad Asif.

We very well understand that Amir’s inclusion in the playing side will show exit to one or more left-handed pacemen currently playing.

It is also not difficult to understand why a few lobbies in the country are against his return in the playing eleven.

The fact of the matter is that PCB has gone all out to support Muhammad Amir and his return will certainly boost Pakistan’s ability to abolish the opponents on any track.

The team members should extend wholehearted support to PCB’s decision, which is in the best interest of Pakistan cricket.

With Yasir Shah facing a ban, legendary Imran Khan’s backing for Amir should bring this discussion to an end permanently.

Amir should thank all three — Imran Khan, PCB and Yasir Shah — for coming to his rescue.

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