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Marvel shakes this super-hero up

The fight between good and evil just got better!

Marvel shakes this super-hero up
Captain America:
The Winter Soldier****
*ing Chris Evans, Samuel L. Jackson,
Scarlett Johansson, Robert Redford
Directed by: Anthony & Joe Russo
Genre: Superhero fantasy/fiction
Captain America makes a triumphant return with his latest

adventure that pits him against the Winter Soldier. The two have a lot in common: they grew up fighting the Nazis and were later resurrected and used for the ulterior motives of their respective handlers. In Captain America’s case, it’s the SHIELD and in Winter Soldier’s case it’s HYDRA. The fight between the good and evil organizations gets even better when the denizens of the Marvel Universe drop in to help the good guy and save the world from certain destruction!

The best Marvel flick since The Avengers!

Steve Rogers aka Captain America (Chris Evans) may be a celebrity, but he doesn’t have friends because most of the guys he used to hang out with are dead. He is reintroduced in the flick (which takes place after The Avengers) outrunning a fellow veteran Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie) and joining Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) on a daring mission to rescue a high-level operative of SHIELD (Strategic Hazard Intervention Espionage Logistics Directorate). Things take a turn for the worse when SHIELD director Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) is murdered and Captain America is suspected as his house is the crime scene. The super soldier is on the run from his own agency and just like fellow Avenger – The Hulk – you don’t want to make him angry!

The expected…

I was hoping that Captain America would have settled by now. You know, have a romantic partner in the 21st century and only occasionally go out for SHIELD operations. But the movie turned out to be better than that – an exciting extravaganza where action spoke louder than words. Captain America hasn’t changed much since the previous installment in the series. After a relatively slow first half, the hyperactive second session is all set to blow you away. With Black Widow and The Falcon (Anthony Mackie) as his aides, Captain America takes down the dirty elements in SHIELD and saves the world in the process. The return of the beautiful Maria Hill (Cobie Smulders) and Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) was expected, but the death of the latter wasn’t. It is his murder that sets the story in motion.

The unexpected …

I had apprehensions about the directors Anthony Russo and Joe Russo, known as the Russo Brothers, since they haven’t been part of the Marvel Universe. However, any and all concerns evaporated after watching the action sequences of the highest quality, including the one where Captain America singlehandedly destroys a fighter jet, where Falcon dodges missiles aimed at him or the sequence that takes place before Bucky is revealed to be Winter Soldier.captain_america_2__the_wint

Chris Evans and Scarlett Johansson may play the protagonists, but there is one person who helps the audience love them even more in this sequel. That person is Robert Redford who plays Agent Alexander Pierce and helms HYDRA when alone. I wasn’t expecting him to be good at playing an evil character but the man, who has given us Sting, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, All The President’s Men along with many other hits, doesn’t disappoint and manages to make the audience hate him. Mission accomplished.

The experience…

The emergence of Winter Soldier aka Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan) upgrades the Marvel Universe because it is a character I would love to see fight against The Avengers! In the words of Captain America himself, he is “fast, strong and has a metal arm”. “Who the hell is Bucky?” may not be the greeting Captain America expected from his ex-buddy, but by the time the movie ends, you get the picture as to what happened to the soldier who helped win a war. He is the surprise package here and the moment he catches the Shield thrown by the Captain at him, you know he means business.

The unforgettable …

The dialogues of the movie are spot-on: at times they are patriotic (especially when Captain America delivers them) and occasionally are laced with humour. “How do we know the good guys from the bad guys?” asks The Falcon, to which the Captain replies, “If they’re shooting at you, they’re bad.” The Falcon has more to offer, like “Don’t look at me; I do what he does – just slower.” There are one-liners the Captain delivers with confidence and arrogance mixed together. Be it “The price of freedom is high, and it’s a price I’m willing to pay” or the one before a fight against a dozen men, “Before we get started, does anyone wanna get out?” Impressive stuff! The best, however, is the one where HYDRA agent tells the good guys, “The 21st century is a digital book and HYDRA learned how to read it.”

The Hunter becomes the Hunted, and wins the battle!

Captain America – The Winter Soldier is easily one of the best flicks from the Marvel Universe as it features the characters we love. Stan Lee – the creator of iconic characters like Captain America and The Avengers – makes a cameo appearance as a security guard to the delight of his fans whereas there are mid-credit and post-credit glimpses into the next Marvel adventure. As per record so far, a movie featuring Captain America hasn’t bombed at the box office yet and even this time, he is charging at the bad guys and coming out on top!


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