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High and low notes

Mehreen Hasan is hugely entertained by Pakistan Idol and at the same time finds a lot to think about

High and low notes

Pak-idol-2Qandeel Baloch… definitely not the new QB
If we thought the tearful, shrieking Qandeel Baloch skidding away on her six inch stilettos was the last we’d see of her, we were very much mistaken. The girl is getting more than her fair share of five minutes of fame, as the Twitterati was long abuzz with talk of her, and it’s not entirely unjustified, because her antics-filled audition was clearly one of the most memorable ones of the first two episodes! Whether it was her ‘dumb blonde act’ in front of the judges – she couldn’t seem to locate the clear plastic sign of her spot to stand – or her debauchery of Hadiqa’s classic ‘Yaad Sajan Di Aaai’ that made the special effects smoke out of the pop queen’s ears seem real or her overly dolled up appearance – ‘Ms. Pinky’ was quite a spectacle to behold. It’s a pity she couldn’t sing (at all). She would’ve cut quite a contrast against the sweet and earnest songstresses that have earned a well-deserved golden ticket. Maybe she’ll be a better fit in other kinds of reality TV… (Big Boss, anyone?) She is actually a model, by the way. We traced her down to Jang’s Sunday magazine covers, among other places, and she even stars in dramas on PTV …aaand yes, she is also actually a ‘singer’, and has two singles to her credit! The girl’s already got it made. We just might see more of her….
Yasir-KhanYasir Khan
Now just look at that. One glance at this sweet-looking boy and if you caught the episode last Friday and heard his story (hardcore disapproving family) and heard him sing, then we’re sure he’s won you over completely. This boy’s sure to be in it for a long haul. The judges loved this ‘Pappu bacha’ because he fits the Idol bill completely! Good looks, great voice, the whole deal minus the hotshot airs – here’s an Idol contender we’ve caught up to early in the game! Watch out for him.
Muhammad-KamranMuhammad KamranMuhammad-Kamran-1
Clearly, the biggest letdown in the first two episodes was Muhammad Kamran’s rejection. The visually impaired music teacher from Okara and father of three had a beautiful voice and was only rejected by the judges because he couldn’t fully participate in all the activities that are expected to come the Idol hopefuls’ way! This after we saw a similarly impaired Scott Macintyre reach Top 8 in American Idol, where he was facilitated during the dances and other activities. The public is quite upset by what they call an act of discrimination, although the judges did let through another differently disabled contestant on crutches. Much noise is still being made and rightly so. We wish Muhammad Kamran the very best of luck. Also, bring him back Pakistan Idol!
Shahzad-AliShahzad Ali
Yikes. There are admirers, there is the obsessed lot, and then there is plain old dotty and delusional Shahzad Ali. With enviously towering levels of self-belief, this young chap aspires to be the next Salman Khan! Him and twenty million other young guns like him. But apparently, the two of them are already ‘friends’. Alas, if only all doddering dreams could come true… far from having a singing voice, Shahzad provided much amusement to the judges and left with his ‘dollays’ (muscles) being dubbed ‘dollies’ on national TV. We hope, for his sake, that the name doesn’t stick.
Double yikes. Young Raafay liked Gaga a little, and Madonna A LOT, and it showed in the double whammy of a performance that (s)he(?) gave. (S)He may have the moves (not really) if (s)he practiced (a lot), but powerhouse vocals (s)he did not. But we would like to add that there’s no law against people wearing what they want (we hope). And if bedazzled shirts, sheer sleeves, and plum colored eye lids is what floats Raafay’s boat, then so be it. No one, not even Bushra Ansari, should say anything about it.

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