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Get yourself some app-iness

This is how technology contributes to your mental and physical wellbeing

Get yourself some app-iness

For many of us, a healthy lifestyle is an elusive mirage – you can envision it but can’t seem to get close enough. Although the fast-paced modern life has distracted us from our body’s needs, technology can also promote healthy living with its touch-of-a-button convenience. Instep brings you some of the best apps to help you get your life back on the wellness track.

Sleep Cycle

Ever felt drained of energy all day, even when you got your eight hours of sleep? It’s no wonder that you can’t seem to follow through with any of your grand plans of leading a healthy life! It may be because you’re in deep sleep when your alarm goes off, which causes you to feel more tired when you wake up.

Fortunately, the smart clock Sleep Cycle can come to your rescue by monitoring your movements as you sleep and waking you when you’re in your lightest sleep phase. The app comes with a customizable window of up to 90 minutes, during which the app will wake you up when you’re in light sleep. So you needn’t worry about oversleeping.

The app also provides sleep statistics and graphs every morning, so you can easily track how factors such as diet or exercise affect your rest.

Cost: $0.99 for iOS, PKR 199 for Android.


Sound sleep is just one of the prereqs for feeling good. There are a number of personal stats that you need to keep in check to ensure wellness.

Withings makes this easier by allowing users to monitor their weight, activity, blood pressure, and sleep all in one place. The display shows a butterfly with four quadrants (weight, activity, heart, and sleep) that grows and shrinks depending on how healthy users are at that moment.

Plus, the friendly Health Mate sends entertaining, supportive messages to get you pumped to exercise. It beats having to maintain a health diary, and it sure is nice to get a friendly nudge to hit the gym every now and then.

Cost: Free for iOS and Android.


Every self-help website will tell you that meditation is a daily must. Some recommend it as part of your start-up routine, others also insist on it before going to bed. And why would we ever say no to a few soothing minutes in an action-packed day?

Calm offers an app for relaxing guided meditation, which you can whip out whenever you need a break from your day. Whether you’re trying to concentrate, or need a boost of creativity, energy or confidence, or need to catch forty winks really fast, Calm offers 50 guided meditations to suit your purpose. You can sync the meditations with 16 soothing music tracks by meditation music master, Kip Mazuy. Plus, new content is added monthly, so the app will always have something new to offer.

Cost: Free for iOS and Android.


If you’re on a hardcore fitness plan, we recommend you stick to your gym trainer, but if it’s a casual fitness regimen you’re trying to establish, then all you may need is Human.

The app encourages you to take on the Daily30: 30 minutes of physical activity every day, in any form or fashion. Walk, run, skip, gallop, dance, jump rope-as long as you’re being active for more than a minute at a time, Human will track your movement and let you know when you’ve achieved your Daily 30.

Cost: Free for iOS.

Whole Foods Market

Skip the urge to order in or dine out, and get cooking! Recipe cards have gone digital with the Whole Foods Market app that has a collection of over 3,000 recipes. Featuring an option to search by special

diet, you’ll get the perfect recipe to match your

diet plan in no time.

Plus, you can also use the on-hand search to find recipes that call for ingredients you already have in the kitchen. Stay on the health track, without skimping on the taste, as you experiment with new tasty meals.

Cost: Free for iOS and Android.

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