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Flying start

Inclusion of basant in the recently started Punjab Youth Festival has delighted many

Flying start

The Punjab Youth Festival for the year 2013-2014 kicked off on December 23. In the first phase, competitions have started in 55,200 neighbourhoods and villages where competitors will take part in over 300 events in 29 different categories. This phase will be complete by February ‘14 when the successful competitors in preliminary rounds will qualify for provincial level contests.

As per the schedule announced so far, there will be attempts at setting up new world records in 25 different categories. The schedule says there will be games between different sports teams from Pakistani Punjab and Indian Punjab aside from a film festival, a youth theater festival, a jeep rally, a book fair, an IT fair, a shopping festival, an art and craft festival, a horse and cattle show, a tattoo show, an international freestyle wrestling competition, a paragliding championship and so on.

The organisers are expecting the participation of 6.5 million individuals in the festival which, if it so happens, will be a new world record. The existing record is of 3.2 million participants, recorded in the Punjab Youth Festival (PYF) of 2012. This feat was also acknowledged by the Guinness Book of World Record last year.

Given this backdrop, an encouraging development is that the Punjab government has announced to hold a one-week Basant festival at Changa Manga Forests or Jallo Forest Park — yet to be finalised — as part of the festival.

It also plans to start special trains to carry passengers to the finalised venue.

This was an afterthought and that is why basant festival was not mentioned in the PYF schedule printed before this decision was made.

TNS talked to stakeholders this week and sought their feedback on the development.

Khalid Malik, President of Kite Lovers Association, welcomes the announcement and hopes the government will also find a way to extend the duration and make kite-flying a year-long activity.

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  • excellent article.

  • to introduce basant festival is however a progressive approach towards the slump of economy and of the people’s delicate festivities.As they are facing a number of circumstancial rudiments also it was the face of true lahori culture
    The decorated roads with blossoms, the imperious way of nature towards this festival and people’s true face of pleasure which is rather waiting for such activity to be open,open for all.
    It will definately sharpen the fade picture of our true culture, divert the attention of the world towards the positive and loving part of our society and it will give common public the meaning of happiness and charm not by the culture we are importing today but by our own.

  • Finally a good step by the govt. for the revival of ever loved festival and game of lahorites.
    Its the sport of masses so the govt should ensure the economical availability of strings and kites.
    Accommodating such a large number of people is impossible on a single stop, it should extend to the walled city after proving the motorcyclists with safety antennas and hanging the cords from pole to pole over broader roads.
    excited to see the kites again in lahore :)

  • If this the government has taken the initiative about safe basant then i think its an excellent approach. But like every year they tell us that basant will happen and then by the time they start making foolish remarks and cancels the event. This year it has to happened because people are getting frustrated and they don’t know what to do. Please make this basant happen this time and it has to happen in the city not at some particular place, Lahore is such a big city and all the people can not be accommodated at one place. Everything can happen if the govt is willing but they are not doing anythng, everything can happen.

  • yes. It will be a good step by Government and we will totally cooperate with government as our mentor khalid malik said so.

  • well it’s a good attempt created by hamza shahbaz but the decision which they had taken is not good if anyone could ask me so i would suggest that they should allow basant in the whole city rather than in chaanga maanga and jalo our goverment should give a chance to people to celebrate basant how many families will go and celebrate basant in chaanga maanga which is not a safe place

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