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Flash Your Style

Flower Power Your personal style is much more than a bouquet or assortment of different ...

Flash Your Style

Flower Power

Your personal style is much more than a bouquet or assortment of different items of clothing so why should you take the flowers in your hair less than seriously? The flora you wear says a lot about the person you are so think twice before matching your outfit with the first flowers on hand…


Delicate, small and above all, white. Jasmine is the flower that denotes love, romance and modesty as well as purity so it is a favourite amongst south Asian girls, especially brides. Since the buds have a fantastic fragrance, they are woven into garlands or strung onto strands of cord before they are woven into braids, wrapped around buns or simply suspended from the hair with the help of a pin. Since Jasmine grows in warm climates and is often grown at home, women have relatively easy access to it, making the motia all the more desirable. Jasmine is the number one choice for those who prefer traditional styles: it will most definitely keep your hair smelling fragrant through the night!Jasmine

Red Rose

Bigger, brighter and most definitely bolder. The red rose is a symbol of passion, confidence and sexiness. It has an air of exhibitionism, as if the woman wearing the roses is beckoning for attention. Not only does it have a distinct, lingering fragrance but it is also impossible to miss visually. The sight of red roses in the hair takes you back to Spanish Flamenco dancers; need we say more? In this part of the world the rose-petal has both positive as well as sobering impressions: it is used to shower on brides and grooms but it is also liberally sprinkled over graves and shrines. So one would stick strictly to the fully bloomed red rose when making a style statement. And avoid other colours unless you’re headed to a day wedding.red-rose


Usually beautiful and ethereal, gladioli are also called the Sword Lily for the way they are shaped. Did you know that the Gladioli are the official flower of the Gladiators? But beautiful and fragrant as they may be, we feel they belong in a bouquet and flower arrangement rather than in your hair. The only exception is the white gladiola that can lend your French chignon an extra touch of sophistication. Other than that, gladioli are a desperate attempt to wear flowers, usually picked up when nothing else is available. And we would strictly forbid you from wearing the artificially dyed samples!Gladiola

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