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Flash your style: Halloween special

You’d be surprised at how fervently Halloween is celebrated in Pakistan.......

Flash your style: Halloween special


You’d be surprised at how fervently Halloween is celebrated in Pakistan. It’s the time of the year when people pull out all the stops and have the perfect excuse to play dress up. No one in this part of the world complains about that one night of going all out with with your look. While some people enjoy simple looks, the true winners are the Halloween enthusiasts who totally transform their appearance. Whether it’s beautiful, eerie or flat-out scary, our celebrities have tried them all. Here is a selection of our favorite looks this season.



Kim Kardashian

If one celebrity took Halloween seriously this year it was Kim Kardashian. She managed to get the hashtag #HallowKKWeen trending and has already appeared in four different outfits. Her first and our favourite look so far was her dressed up as Cher and her friend as Sonny. The LGBTQ icon herself complimented Kim on the look.


Osman Khalid Butt

Flash_Osman-Khalid-ButtAs Zombie Waldo from the ‘Where’s Waldo?’ book series, Butt gets full points for creativity. A theatre buff, we know that he’s dressed up for characters before plenty of times but this Halloween look was equal parts creative and scary – a winner.


Hania Amir

TFlash_Hania-Amierhe bubbly and effervescent Hania dressed up as the animated TV character, Kim Possible. We particularly like this look on her because she always goes for less risqué looks (except for her Hum Style Awards outing). We like Kim for being the average high school cheerleader by day, superhero by night as much as we like Hania for being the girl next door turn cool TV character for Halloween.



Flash_AdeleGrammy award winner Adele wore a shimmery mustard yellow dress with super exaggerated makeup on Halloween. She got a blonde wig put in, styled it like a drag queen with a bold red lip and glittery eye-makeup nailing this scary yet creative look. It was great to see the star let loose on the night!


Amna Baber

Flash_Amna-BaberEvery appearance Amna Baber makes turns heads because let’s be honest, she has great model off duty style. For Halloween she got Fahad Hussayn to customize her a Cat Woman costume and Maram Abroo to give her a beauty makeover. The costume may have been done before a number of times but Amna did the look with a certain flair characteristic of her.

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