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Flash Your Style

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Flash Your Style


Thanks to social media, fans have direct access to their favourite stars, who now have greater control over the kind of images that get released out into the starry hemisphere. Gone are the clumsy paparazzi shots; stars now always put their best foot forward, quite literally, while posing for the perfect picture and this year’s Eid proved this point. Our favourite celebs looked stylish, beautiful and picture perfect!


Mawra Hocane

Mawra Hocane makes it a point to share all her memorable moments with her fans, which is why we knew to expect the signature Eid selfie from the Sammi star. Mawra looked stunning in an Élan outfit that was the perfect combination of traditional and contemporary. The soft colour palette was perfect for a summer Eid and we loved how Mawra accessorized the look with a pair of ivory khussas with pearl embellishments.


Kiran Malik

This has to be our favourite Eid look so far! Kiran Malik has the bod and height to make anything look good but she still chooses her looks very wisely. Dressed in an all white belted tunic from Faraz Manan, Kiran looks every bit the fashionista that she is. We love the hair, we love that smile. We also love the furry slippers peeking out from below!


Hareem Farooq

While many fashionistas tend to opt for styles that are a bridge between contemporary and classic, there are very few who feel confident enough to try something purely traditional. Hareem Farooq’s Eid look, designed by Shazak Malik, radiates old school glamour: the short kameez with a ghair wali shalwar look has been attempted by every young Pakistani girl and Hareem takes us on a trip down memory lane with those jhumkas.


Ayesha Omar

There’s no denying that while Ayesha Omar may be one of many high profile stars in the ensemble cast of the film, she is undoubtedly Yalghaar’s most glamorous face when it comes to the film’s promotions; we have been following her wardrobe selection, which has been spot-on and near-perfect. One of our favourite looks, however, has to be the glittering grey tunic from Élan. It is a million-dollar look.


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