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Flash Your Style

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Flash Your Style

Spring has arrived and that has become more evident with the way our celebs are choosing to wear bright colours to public events, leaving dark blues and blacks for the red carpet. We love the use and incorporation of solid blocks of colour in their ensembles instead of hiding behind print. We know that summer will give us more than a fair share of print!

Fouzia Aman

Fouzia Aman is easily one of the best-dressed models around, therefore we expect her to follow all the latest trends and do justice to them. Seen here at a brunch, Aman mastered colour blocking by pairing her sun kissed orange pants with a statement white top. Also, she accessorized like a pro with a printed silk scarf and a purple handbag. That’s a lot of colour in one outfit!

Sarwat Gillani

Not many people would have the courage to pull off a pair of bold red culottes the way Sarwat Gillani is courageously rocking them. Since red is a tricky colour to work with when used in such copious amounts. Thankfully she keeps things simple with a fuss-free white halter-top and a gorgeous coral lip colour.

Shaniera Akram

Thanks to her John Lennon inspired sunglasses, Shaniera Akram is rocking a very 80s vibe to an otherwise contemporary outfit. Akram chose to wear a very bold shade of indigo, something one can only pull off if they have the right height and physique, and paired it with a delicate Deepak Perwani printed top in different shades of blue and green.

Frieha Altaf

Frieha Altaf is a true fashionista. She tries all the latest trends and is never scared of taking risks. Seen at the FPW lunch at Cote Rotie, Altaf chose to wear a pair of printed flared pants (sheer trousers with half-pant slips are all the rage these days) and accessorized with a beautiful shade of sky blue on her arm.


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