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Five popular celebrity gym workouts

Instep speaks to fitness trainer Muhammad Akram Rehman of My Gym - By Bikku, who shares five workouts that he recommends for people with celebrity goals.

Five popular celebrity gym workouts


We all look up to our favourite celebrities and wish to become like them in ways more than one – whether it is their personality, their fashion sense or their fitness. But what most of us don’t realize is that it requires a lot of hard work and dedication to look fit on and off screen, and maintain the kind of physique that most of them have. Shedding those pounds, cutting calories and a rigorous workout isn’t that simple.

We spoke to certified celebrity fitness trainer Muhammad Akram Rehman to find out popular celebrity workouts. He informs that the entire workout regime relies on the kind of look these actors want to achieve.

“On the big screen, they need to look big; so if they are coming for a role in a film, I suggest them to have a little bit of bulk with the help of weight training,” he elaborates. “I reduce their cardio and CrossFit training. On the other hand, if the purpose is to look good on television or a magazine cover so they need to look very lean. In that case, I suggest weight training three days a week alternatively with cardio, CrossFit or HIIT training. In addition, diet plays a major role which again depends on their goals; whether they want to bulk or shed pounds.”


Actor Feroze Khan working out at My Gym – By Bikku

Akram is a certified Level 3 Personal Trainer and Nutritionist from Active IQ (UK), Level 2 Fitness Instructor from CYQ (UK), Rehab Trainer (he is the only one in Pakistan) and XLR8 Sports Coach. Here are five core trainings/ exercises that he recommends to celebs, depending on their body type and the role they are preparing for.

Strength workout

Strength workout or weight training is one of the key exercises that Akram suggests for strengthening muscles and toning the body. Ideally, he suggests strength training thrice a week but it depends on the goals of the celebs; whether they are prepping for TV/ film role or a fashion shoot.

“Recently, a celebrity I was training wanted to shed some pounds to appear on a fashion show so I didn’t do weight training with him and rather focused on CrossFit,” Akram shared.

CrossFit training

It involves a lot of body weight training and high intensity workout. “CrossFit training incorporates multiple compound movements so we mostly hit the major group muscles through this workout,” explained Akram, who suggests CrossFit on alternate days with weight training.


Yoga plays a key role in making one’s body flexible and recovers muscles at the same time. Hence, Akram stresses on doing it at least once a week, the last day of the week in particular, so that the body gets some relaxation.

HIIT training

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) includes CrossFit training in addition to body training. Therefore, it works best in alternate weeks with CrossFit.


Cardio usually involves boxing, running, cycling and swimming in addition to mixed martial arts (MMA) training sometimes. According to Akram, if one is involved in CrossFit workout the first week, followed by HIIT training the next week, they can focus on cardio in the week after that, alternatively with weight training.

Buraq Shabbir

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