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Elegant electro evolution

Pakistan’s coolest indie-electronic collective, Forever South (FXS) heads to Patari with a music campaign called Hotcues plus co-founder Dynoman unveils the label’s ambitious future plans

Elegant electro evolution
Forever South (FXS) crew: Dynoman, Rudoh, Faiz Zaid, Sanki, Ocea and Humayun M.

The name Forever South (FXS), the indie-electronic collective born in the vibrant and violent city of Karachi, instantly brings to mind a cosmos of elegant, funky, genre-defying sounds; a landscape full of unpredictable sonic permutations. Persevering against odds, this name, over the years, has become synonymous with quality and innovation.

Founded by Bilal Nasir Khan (Rudoh) and Haamid Rahim (Dynoman) nearly four years ago, the net label’s roster features scores of unique artists like Rudoh, Dynoman, Alien Panda Jury, Tollcrane and many more.

With a steady stream of singles, EPs and collaborations as well as DIY events to their credit, FXS is not only the antithesis to everything happening in the pop, rock, fusion and folk-dominated mainstream but proof that despite the perception, world-class electro music is being made in Pakistan with astonishing regularity and elegant evolution. And not surprisingly, they’ve been covered by the likes of Caravan, The Fader, Wild City and other prestigious names.

Our story begins with their latest initiative, ‘Hotcues’ which “ties the boundaries between aural and visual art. A member from the Forever South roster pairs up with a visual artist to produce art and music on a bi-weekly basis.”

Curated by Dynoman, Hotcues makes its official appearance on Patari, the leading streaming music site for sounds from Pakistan, starting Monday (tomorrow, October 31). Over the course of the past few weeks, having exchanged several emails, Dynoman spoke to Instep about this particular campaign and explained what music listeners can expect.

Tollcrane, seen above, playing a show in Karachi.

Tollcrane, seen above, playing a show in Karachi.

Every week, Hotcues will premiere either one or two tracks on Patari and Forever South, across all their social media platforms. This means every week (for the next ten weeks) will bring with it two songs with individual artwork to gawk at and obsess over. The tracks are heading to Patari for the first time. The music campaign will begin with the artist known as Tollcrane (Talha Asim Wynne) in focus. The first release will be a track called ‘Revultion’ with artwork by Rahema Zaheer. This song will be followed by another Tollcrane wizardry-release called ‘Silhouettes’ which will come out on Thursday (November 3rd) with artwork by Talha Asim Wynne.

This campaign includes 20 tracks in total with tracks from Dynoman, Slowspin, Rudoh, Block – 2, TMPST, Toll Crane, Friedi, Smax, JOFU and Eridu slated to release over the course of the next ten weeks. That’s a lot of original music… But wait, there’s more. FXS’s ambition to release quality music can also be observed by the fact that they plan to release 1-2 LPs and 2-3 EPs annually.

Speaking to Instep about the future, Dynoman revealed what the label has in the pipeline. “Asides from Hotcues, we have an international release for Collections Volume 4 ready by the 7th of January to be premiered on The Fader. Collections Volume 4 has a lot of artists in the mix including Dynoman, Rudoh, Tollcrane, Slowspin, Nawksh, Al Ak, Abdullah Siddiqui, Hatim, JOFU, Block-2, Smax, and more! Our goals are to digitally release full scale across all platforms (iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, Etc.). Patari will be our local streaming partner and those outside of Pakistan without credit cards will have the chance to win free download codes as well!” explained Dynoman. “We also have now decided that we are going to take a break from releasing too may singles a year and start releasing the content we have been working on since 2014.”

Upcoming records include Dynoman’s Travels to Janaicah 2: Songs for Lana (referred to as #TTJ2 of #Songsforlana) and will be his “sophomore LP”. Other EPs that are slated to release will come from artists like Rudoh, Abdullah Sidiqqui and TMPST.

“All our EPs and LPs will be full scale international releases, available on all platforms with Patari being our local streaming partner,” said Dynoman. “As for shows, we are currently vamping up a Europe Tour, a fall Pakistan Tour, and a web series focusing on local experimental electronic music to air after Ramzan 2017.”

Haamid Rahim aka Dynoman, co-founder of Forever South

Haamid Rahim aka Dynoman, co-founder of Forever South

Meanwhile, today marks the release of a debut track by 16-year-old Hatim Siddique who is based in Lahore, with artwork by Hamza Iftikar. This tune, however, is separate from the Hotcues series.

Describing his effort, Hatim told Instep: “I wrote the song about five months ago so I can’t really pinpoint the exact event that triggered the song but the main purpose for all the music I create including this song is to create emotions that can actually impact people. I use it as a form of expression for my own thoughts and this was one of those songs where I felt like I had developed my sound to be a better reflection of what I feel and what I want people to feel through my music.”

The DIY indie electro efforts that FXS make showcase incredible resolve. Their innovation and manipulation of sound is applause worthy and should definitely be explored by those who are looking for novel sounds being created in Pakistan.

To win free downloads from, head to this site (https://www.toneden.io/foreversouthmusic-1/post/fxs-collections-vol-2-free-giveaway) now as the promotion ends tomorrow.

In addition to Patari, you can also find more information on FXS via their Facebook and SoundCloud page(s) (www.facebook.com/foreversouth, www.soundcloud.com/ foreversouthmusic).


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