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Graphic by Naseem ur Rehman

It’s deja-vu once again — the US President complaining about Pakistan. US-Pakistan relations are at their lowest ebb once again. This time, the no-holds-barred tweet by the US President Donald Trump has worked to further widen the trust deficit between the two allies who have seen ups and downs in their ties on a regular basis.

President Trump questioning the billions of dollars of military and economic assistance to Pakistan put the latter in a reactionary mode. Pakistan claimed it doesn’t need US aid any more, but would also not work to further American interests in the region. In such an environment of resentment, where will the uneasy working relationship between the two go from here?

Historically, post-9/11 to be specific, the do-more refrain of respective US administrations, showing their dissatisfaction over Pakistan’s role in the war against terrorism, became a constant in the bumpy trajectory of US-Pakistan relations. While the US insists that Pakistan has been unable, rather unwilling, to advance US interests despite receiving military and economic assistance, Pakistan claims it has sacrificed more than its due share.

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More importantly, the US dissatisfaction with Pakistan comes in the backdrop of a world moving towards multi-polarity, with China and Russia figuring prominently on the world stage. In this situation, while Pakistan stands to benefit from the Chinese projects, such as China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), it will do good to be cautious and not make any wrong diplomatic moves that cast a long shadow over its strategic position in precariously balanced South Asia.


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