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Dialing up some style

Gone are the days when cell phone cases looked like your grandfather’s leather wallet

Dialing up some style

Gone are the days when cell phone cases looked like your grandfather’s leather wallet. Phone covers are the new ‘IT’ accessories in town taking over the fashion world, both on the runway and off it. Instep looks beyond those Bottega Venettas to find out which of the country’s fashionistas are embracing the fun and kooky novelty cases because these chic cases are not only protecting their prized gadget, but also dialing up their fashion image. Here is a list of which celebs’ tech styles one should steal:

Leave it to Andleeb Farhan Rana to add some fun to fashion. The always up to the minute editor shows off her sense of humour at the Telenor Fashion Pakistan Week with this neon yellow camera-shaped iPhone cover and ditches the norm of the hour: clutches. Bet the frower and her gang made taking selfies a lot more fun.

Models are known to be quintessentially catty but it seemscurrent modelling sensation Amna Babar took the title a lot more seriously. Even from far off we can’t miss this
high wattage, quirky Hello Kitty cover. Smitten by the kitten arewe Amna?

Do we eye spy a Moschino in socialite Anusha Ammar’s hand? No, it’s not a handbag, and you bet it’s not a Moschino toy either. It’s a phone cover shaped like a teddy bear. We simply love how Anusha took quirk out of hibernation in the otherwise Oscars-inspired PSFW
red carpet.anusha

Knuckle-duster Alexander McQueen clutches are so 2014. It’s the year of knuckle-duster phone cases and actress Cameron Diaz makes this ‘case’ in point. While the makers of the case refused to take any responsibility if it was used as a weapon, we wonder if that was actually Diaz’s real motive. After all the Hollywood stalker list is getting bigger by the day.Cameron-Diaz

All local pictures have been collected from Instagram accounts.

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