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Celebrity Secrets … to getting red-carpet ready

A week full of red carpet round ups from the Emmys and the VMAs have not only left us salivating over some breathtaking designer outfits but also wondering how these on-screen beauties end up looking

Celebrity Secrets … to getting red-carpet ready

A week full of red carpet round ups from the Emmys and the VMAs have not only left us salivating over some breathtaking designer outfits but also wondering how these on-screen beauties end up looking so flawless. From Kerry Washington’s toned bod to Behati Prinsloo’s envious glow, we all want a glimpse into their bag of tricks. However, celebs aren’t some kind of other worldly beings who were born picture-perfect. They too, like us, need to go through intensive preparation as well as have a handy, last-minute trick or two up their sleeves before they hit the red carpet and fall prey to an army of fashion critics. Instep shortlists five star secret recipes that can make you look camera-ready on your big day:

Stress busters

Eyes are a window to your soul and can be a major indicator of any sort of pre-event stress. The age-old formula of placing cold cucumber slices on the eyes may take months to bring an effect and clearly, our tinsel town divas don’t have that much time. So what is their quick fix? Hollywood’s beauty expert Scott-Vincent Borba reveals an unconventional tip to Stylist.com that stars often rely on: “To reduce puffy eyes, place an ice cube on your tongue and hold it to the roof of your mouth for ten minutes,” he said. This apparently leads to an instant freshness in one’s eyes. Apart from cleansing eyes from any visible weariness, Jennifer Lawrence suggests a combo of dandelion and chamomile tea to drink away mental stress.5

The blinding glow

You might think that the supernova glow that these women boast of can only be achieved through pregnancy in real life but mind you, even for them the perfect glow doesn’t come that easy. From detoxifying seaweed body wraps to a red carpet special facial that Kate Winslet swears by, actresses spend loads of time, energy and money in order to be gleaming in front of those flashing cameras. Dermatologist David Colbert tells Huffington Post a secret trick for an instant fix after your rounds at the spa: two drops of argan oil in your foundation and you’ll be shining like a diamond.

Fitness freaks

Who said losing weight is easy? And you are definitely not the only one suffering from this misery. From Sandra Bullock to Julia Roberts, all of them train for months to have a svelte figure. Their routine includes a combination of pilates, aerobics, yoga and even kick-boxing. Strict diet regimes mean they stay miles away from sugar, avoid snacking unnecessarily and blend some weight-loss smoothies. But for those unwanted, hard-to-lose flabs, there is always make-up! Yes, just like a highlighter enhances the cheekbones, a lot of these A-listers often apply a tanner under their triceps to look more toned. Clever, isn’t it?

Camera-friendly make-up

Despite weeks of prepping and sweating off those extra pounds, it comes down to your look on the final day and that’s when these ladies really need an expert – a make-up expert. Each and everyone of them have confined in their own, most-preferred artist and learned a tip or two themselves. For example, Charlize Theron finds her make-up artist to be a miracle worker. “My makeup artist is a genius. One of the things he taught me is to use nude pencil eyeliner to outline the inside of my eyes for a brighter look when I’m feeling tired,” she told shape.com. Scott Vincent also shares the reason why our beloved celebs never look caky and that is, a moisturizer-dipped brush! Dip it and remove any excess to avoid looking dry.1

Hair Makeover

Are you blown away by those side-swept curls and scratching your head over how Sofia Vergara’s hair looks so luscious or Amy Adam’s is gleaming like a flashlight? Don’t stress, it’s not natural. Hair thinning, hair loss and bad hair days aren’t only meant for us commoners. Stars are equally jinxed. However, a big red carpet moment demands a glamorous hairdo and that’s where the smart alecks of a hairstylist step in.  Wigs, hair extensions and instant eyebrow lifts, you name it! Michael Shaun Corby, global creative director for Alterna Haircare, told Daily Mail that hair extensions take hours, “because we carefully sew individual wefts of human hair together in a multitude of colours to get the exact look and texture for the star. The stars need perfection on the red carpet,” he said, “and we give it to them”.  Toppik Hair Building Fibers are a common product used to conceal extensions and cover any visible scalp area. And what is the secret for that shine? Ultra-fine glitter powder mixed with hair spray. Yes, it’s just about that simple.

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