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Books to read this weekend

A brief look at books covering some popular TV shows and movie stars.

Books to read this weekend

What do you do when all you can find on your telly screens are reruns of TV shows and a handful of Pakistani films in cinemas that you have indulged in more than once? Answer: read books about your favourite stars and TV shows. It’s another way of exploring pop culture and will also vastly improve your knowledge on the subject.

So here’s a quick look at books that can engage and entertain…

The Big Bang Theory A – Z

Author: Amy Rickman

It all began with the Big Bang so it’s only fair that we begin this review with it. The TV sitcom (Big Bang Theory) is not only the most watched and most followed comedy series around the world, it is also the most liked series since Friends. We all know that the series revolves around four geeky friends and their neighbor but there are many important supporting characters without whom the series wouldn’t have worked.

The Big Bang Theory A – Z gives you a chance to revisit the series and know all there is to know about Sheldon and the gang. After going through this guide you will get to know that prior to starring in Big Bang (the series), Penny (played by Kaley Cuoco) was already an established TV actress.

The book also covers the numerous awards the series has won. It lets you know more about Caltech as well as the actors playing the geeky characters. This book will also tell you that the actors who play science geeks are nothing like their onscreen characters in real life. The amazing pictures in this book will make you appreciate the way they transformed for their roles while shooting the series. Therefore, if you want to know all about things from ‘rock, paper, scissors, lizard, Spock’ to Raj’s cool sister from India – this book serves as the perfect guide. Order your copy now.

101 Best TV Crime Series

Author: Mark Timlin

We live in an age where crime series seem to come and go at every turn. But while some don’t get past the pilot episode, there are dozens of crime shows that have survived and continue to find fans.

For those of you who enjoy crime shows, the book, 101 Best TV Crime Series, will be the ideal companion. It is packed with information that you will not come across otherwise.

Do you know when your favourite crime series first aired on TV? Who were the people who initiated that TV Series and what was their inspiration? Mark Timlin’s 101 Best TV Crime Series may be full of shows that represent his personal taste but it features most TV series that matter in the context of popular culture. You can find TV shows dating back to the 50s and right down to the latest ones. It also covers TV crime series from countries besides America and that’s a very crucial detail.

You may or may not agree with the writer’s complete selection but the book will put several TV crime series on your radar that you must explore if you’re a fan of the genre.

My favourite shows – Columbo and CHiPs – didn’t make it to the list but I found other shows like Cold Case and The Man from UNCLE and the information pertaining to these shows was informative.

You can also find website links, curious facts as well as the name of the creator(s). Nobody cares about them nowadays but the book considers it a vital element. Also, be sure to read the index at the end of the book to search for your favourite TV series.

Rishi Kapoor –Khullam Khulla

Author: Meena Iyer and Rishi Kapoor

In his autobiography titled Khullam Khulla, father of Ranbir Kapoor and son of Raj Kapoor has made startling revelations that people tend to avoid in these kinds of works.

According to the book, Rishi Kapoor’s first girlfriend was neither Dimple Kapadia nor Neetu Singh but Yasmin Mehta, who broke it off when Bobby was released. She believed that Rishi was in love with Dimple, who was already married to Rajesh Khanna.

The book also revealed that Rajesh Khanna threw a ring Dimple was wearing in the sea when he proposed to her and that Yasmin had given that ring to Rishi.

In the book, he also discloses that he was hesitant about signing Kabhi Kabhi as he felt that first Amitabh Bachchan and later Neetu Singh had meatier parts and it was after uncle Shashi’s intervention that he said yes to the role. He also never found his own songs likable despite the fact that he had the most number of hits filmed on him after probably Rajesh Khanna. The book contains plenty of other stories from the past and if you’re a fan of Bollywood, this book is definitely for you.

– Omair Alavi is a freelance broadcast journalist and can be contacted at [email protected]

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