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BEAUTY STATION!Trend alert: Water-coloured eyes

Inspired by the beautiful hues of the rainbow? Then water-coloured eyes is one trend to embrace this season.

BEAUTY STATION!Trend alert: Water-coloured eyes

Instep Desk

When it comes to makeup, the trickiest bit is definitely the eye makeup. You can achieve a flawless dewy base and pout that is just right, but perfecting the eyes can take up a lot of your time. While metallics and glittery eyes are still popular, one trend that has emerged on the fashion runways is water-coloured eyes. If you want your eye makeup to look like a beautiful painting, then water-coloured eyes is the way to go. Water-coloured eyes are inspired by the light, feathery feel of water-colour paintings. While the look does allow for a rainbow assortment of eye shadows, the style should retain a sheer feeling at all times. An array of softly blended hues, smudged around the brow bone not only looks alluring but gives an airbrushed effect as well. Read on to find out your how you can use your lids as a canvas for your artistry… Peachy keen BTS_peachy-keenGo for a lazy girl look with peach. It has pink and neutral undertones, making it flattering when coupled with bold brows. Apply the peach eye shadow into the crease, inner corner, and lower lash line. If you can’t find the right shadow use a blusher instead. It tends to be softer and more flattering. Apply the same shade to cheeks, with a touch on the forehead and chin for a harmonious look. Pinks & blues BTS_pink-&-blueFor a brighter, more enriched take on the trend, try wearing a combination of blue and soft pink shadows. These hues are perfect for this season and can add a dramatic flair to any look. Don’t forget to accent the punchy hues with a bit of shimmer, black winged eyeliner, pale pink lipstick and rosy cheeks. Wear your rainbow BTS_wear-your-rainbowWhen you’re too lazy to blend your eye-shadows go for water-coloured eyes. When it comes to this trend, there are no hard and fast rules. If you want to wear all the colours of the rainbow, then go ahead! This combines an array of colours that will go with almost any colour outfit you choose. Painterly effect Colour combinations like cool blues mixed with bright tones of orange applied in painterly strokes bring a mermaid-inspired look into cool-girl territory. This trend is all about hints of colour with a painterly quality, where the makeup is layered to create beautiful sheer hues. Mellow yellow BTS_mellow-yellowLook edgy by going for artistic splashes of yellow on the lids. Experts suggest applying pastel yellow shadow with a short brush. For a painterly effect, use a small fan brush. It is important to leave your eyelids as a bare canvas. And remember bold eye looks should always be worn with an immaculate base and natural brushed-up brows. Finish off your look with a natural, nude coloured lipstick. Lilac love BTS_LILAC-LOVELilac can be one of the most flattering shades in your palette. Make sure to use primer first so the shadow applies better and lasts longer. Sweep lilac shadow across lids, blending up to the socket line with a small powder brush. You can deepen the colour closer to the lashes with a soft line of shadow applied with a smoulder brush. Add plenty of mascara and apply concealer under eyes to make the shadow pop. Lightly sculpt cheeks with blusher, and use a neutral lip shade. Gorgeous gloss BTS_Gorgeous-glossThis look combines two trends: water-coloured eyes and glossy lids. Combining deep purples and blues with a hint of red gives a psychedelic effect. Finish off the look with barely there blush and a soft lip. Splatter it What is awesome about the water-colour look is that you don’t have to stay restricted and inside the lines. You can add depth and drama with little dabs and swipes of your favourite eye-shade on the outer corner of your eyes. The finished product will be an amazing abstract art.


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