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Beauty Station! Beauty forecast 2017

What will this year bring?

Beauty Station! Beauty forecast 2017

Instep Desk

2016 was a strange but interesting year for beauty trends all over the world. Thankfully the world realized that it’s about time we say goodbye to OTT behaviour like clown contouring and fake lashes nearly as long as your hair and opt for a more natural and minimalistic look. However, there were some strange trends as well, such as the unicorn highlighter and ear makeup (yes that was actually a thing. People were painting their ear lobes in bright shades of blue and gold.) We are barely one month into the year but it seems as though there are certain styles and techniques that will be important up ahead. Instep rounds up some of the projected beauty trends for 2017.

Get milk

2_BS_1This might be new for the Western world but in Pakistan, brides usually go through an ubtan and milk bath ritual right before the wedding and of course, there was Cleopatra who bathes in goat’s milk. It is guaranteed to make your skin glow, which is possibly why the beauty industry has picked up on the health benefits of milk and has started creating beauty products that are made with milk. For instance, Bobbi Brown has introduced a new Extra Repair Nourishing Milk, which can be used to moisturize dehydrated and dry skin.

Crafty nails

3_BS_2Usually women play it safe and predictable when it comes to nails because it takes too much time and effort to create elaborate artwork on them. However, it’s about time we try out a look that looks edgy but doesn’t require hours to create. These blinged-out nails at Balenciaga are a perfect way of creating a look that does just that. Here’s how to do it: apply a nail colour of your choice, then place the stone on the wet polish and let it dry before applying a layer of topcoat. Then, reapply the topcoat and let it dry. If the stones you’re using are too big, then you might need to get some nail glue for yourself, although ideally, smaller stones will look the best.

Say hello to the ’90s

BS_3a2_4This might not be new in 2017 because last year did see a throwback to the nineties in the form of Harry Potter makeup such as magic wand shaped makeup brushes, butterbeer-flavoured chapsticks, cruelty free Hedwig highlighters and Felix Felicis metallic gold liquid lipsticks. This trend was quite appreciated last year which is why it seems to be continuing this year as well. This year, Too Faced takes you back to the ’90s with their Totally Cute sticker eyeshadow collection. The palette has “totally cute” stickers to choose from to customize your palette and has nine matte and shimmery shades to choose from. There are even some Hello Kitty themed collections around for those who really want to give tribute to their favourite childhood cartoon characters.

Bare it all

Since women are already moving towards more natural looks, such as the no makeup look, why not actually try to go makeup free this year? We aren’t suggesting that one gives up on makeup entirely (like Alicia Keys who now always appears makeup free at all her public appearances as well as in her music videos). There are days you feel like wearing a bright red on your lip or a glittery gloss on your lids. But how about trying makeup detox where you wear absolutely no makeup, and all the flaw you may be hiding with makeup, try to work on them with more natural and healthy products. Bags under eyes? Try to keep your skin hydrated and moisturized instead of coating your dark circles with concealers. Maybe this will be the year where your skin gets a chance to shine and look good naturally.




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