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The best and the not-so-brilliant beauty looks at Cannes 2016


The Cannes Film Festival red carpet is like no other. Firstly, it brings together the biggest names from Hollywood, Bollywood and all other film industries that don’t necessarily end in a suffix of ‘wood’.Actors, models, socialites, designers; it’s a veritable celebrity gala where so many famous people jostle for attention under the same lights that standing out requires skill. It also comes with its own roster of style requirements that range from smart casual during the day to couture in the evenings, making it the perfect breeding ground for style stars to exhibit their range and versatility. Obviously the Cannes beauty requisite is also unique. It isn’t just ordinary red carpet glamour but rather a mix of laidback, I-just-came-from-a-day-trip-to-St.Tropez golden glow paired with polished, chic elements. This year’s red carpet came with its own set of spectacular style moments but it was hair and make-up that really pulled the looks together, or in the case of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, made one susceptible to memes. Ahead are some of the looks that will serve as inspiration for this year and some that’ll probably get a stylist or two fired.

Kristen Stewart

K-Stew, as the industry moniker goes, might not have proved her acting chops yet but she’s gold on the red carpet. Sporting recently bleached blonde locks, the green-eyed stunner wore her hair in a messy, out-of-the-pool gelled back look that reminded us of ’90s grunge, but polished. Also, if Stewart has anything to say about it, vampy lips are here to stay.

Sonam Kapoor

20160517_160455Home girl and one of our favourite stylistas, Kapoor’s red carpet choices this season haven’t featured any furry disasters luckily but we haven’t been on board with all the outfits either. However, the dusky damsel stepped out in pink eyeliner and became an instant winner. Here’s putting to rest all the claims of “pink doesn’t suit my skin-tone” once and for all.

Charli XCX

Charli-XCXXCX, a British singing sensation, unfortunately took the graphic liner trend too literally. The bold liner, which covered most of her crease and stretched past her eyebrows, stopping a hair short of her hairline, is a classic example of overdramatic that crossed over to tacky.

Gaias Weiss

gaia-weiss-1Is it surprising that Weiss is French? Not for us. You can see the Parisian chic radiate from her. It isn’t easy to pull off tiny braids in an up do without it looking like you’re in a pop band formed in 1999 but Weiss does it with élan. We nominate her as the next Bond girl; anyone
willing to join?

Kendall Jenner

kendall-jennerSay what you will about the Kardashian clan but model of the moment Jenner knows how to work it. And if you haven’t picked up on it yet, here are the key trends you should look into for your summer beauty; wet look, gelled back hair, tousled and not sleek, muted make-up and bronzed glowing skin. Step into the sunlight ladies.

Melanie Laurent

Melanie-laurentFrench girls have a certain je ne sais quoi that helps them look put together even in the simplest of styling. Laurent, of Inglorious Bastards fame, channeled effortless chic with dewy skin, a nude pout and flushed cheeks so natural they looked like she’s blushing. Her hair was polished but like it’s barely been styled, though it probably took twenty products to achieve the look. Also, ladies, take note: red carpet glamour doesn’t have to mean layers of make-up. You’ll probably make a greater statement showing up with a clean face.

Blake Lively

blake-lively-blueYou’re already a fan of this leggy lass if you ever watched even five minutes of Gossip Girl. And Lively hasn’t let up since. With her sartorial choices always on point, the blondie won Cannes by channeling Cinderella (first Claire Danes at the Met Ball, now Lively – is Cinderella our favourite belle of the ball?) in Vivienne Westwood Couture. Matching her fairy tale dress for the evening, she opted for muted eyes, baby pink lips and sparkling diamonds in her hair. Her mussed topknot was adorned with a flower encrusted with gems, making us believe that Lively really is a Disney princess.

Aishwariya Ria Bachchan

imageLet’s be honest, as gorgeous as Ash is, she’s never been experimental with her beauty looks. Red lips, bold eyes or soft, smoky make-up are mainstays of Rai’s look. After years of playing it safe, the actress decided to step out of her comfort zone… straight into a pile of neon lavender. We’ll give her lots of marks for trying and even more to the team that managed to convince her to try it but sadly, the shade was wrong on all levels. It didn’t flatter her complexion, it dulled her piercing green eyes and why did they pair charcoal eye make-up with such stark lips? This look had serious potential that was sadly squandered.

Lily Rose Depp

Lilly-Rose-DeppWhen you’re Johnny Depp’s daughter and Karl Lagerfeld’s latest muse, the world must seem like your oyster. Depp harnessed the freshness of her youth in this glowing, windswept look. Her hair looked as though she just stepped off a yacht, albeit a chic one, with rose-gold eye shadow turning her brown eyes into deep pools of amber. Nude lipstick and a dainty necklace completed the look.

Paris Hilton

Paris-HiltonJust reading Hilton’s name evokes images of Barbie pink Juicy Couture tracksuits and huge, Farah Fawcett inspired hair. Well, not much has changed. Hilton still has a penchant for over the top make-up but hasn’t quite found her groove yet, like counterparts Nicole
Richie (who is now very haute) or Kim Kardashian. Which is why she still finds it acceptable to show up to events looking like she did in 2004. The hair looks better though, to be fair.


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