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Beauty Station! Winter wonderland

5 perfect products that will give you the chill factor this winter

Beauty Station! Winter wonderland

Winter winds are finally blowing in, blankets and sweaters are out of the armoires, and clay pots of Kashmiri chai are merrily simmering away on kitchen stoves. Yet, while all of this makes winter ideal for the sun-scorched Pakistani population, the drying effects of the season surely takes a toll on our skin, body and hair by stealing all of our natural radiance and moisture! However, there’s no need to fear as Instep reviews 5 products that will rejuvenate you and help you bring out the perfect winter look!

Moisture, be thy name

BS_Clinique-Dramatically-DiDry, patchy skin isn’t the best thing to live with; unfortunately it comes hand in hand with winter. So what’s the solution? With regular and generic moisturizers killing our natural skin tone and radiance, there are only a few options that bring out the optimal look one needs. Say hello to the Clinique iconic ‘Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion+’, which does dramatically (like its name) do wonders for the all-natural moisture our skin needs!

Although on the steeper and extravagant side of life, a little goes a long way for this miracle in a bottle!

Where to find: Any leading make-up store or order it from www.clinique.com

Hues of tea pink

Akin to the colour of the renowned Kashmiri chai that we crave in this weather, rosy cheeks are a winter delight that no one can possibly hate on. However, while the natural rosy color is a sign of being too cold, one can achieve that perfect pink glow thanks to Lush Cosmetics’ (a company we swear by) Rosey Cheeks Face Mask. A simple blend of kaolin, calamine and Turkish rose oil, which delicately calms the skin and works on restoring the natural complexion of the skin, the mask is perfect for all skin types. Provided that one is able to find the mask –which usually sells like hot cake – it is perfect and will shower your complexion with roses, cleansing calamine and kaolin, which will gently remove dirt, all the while toning the face.

Where to Find: Order it from www.lush.co.uk

A hair-weather friend

BS_Rosey-CheeksBS_ClarinsWinter chills aren’t just damaging to the skin.  With a continuous drying effect, stripping away the natural moisture and luster of our hair, the increase in hair fall and dead roots are a common sight each winter. However, lo and behold, the answer has always been in front of us in the shape of tradition: oiling. A process that continues since centuries in this part of the world, oiling ends up saving our tresses in more ways than we know! But, can we please say goodbye to the traditional coconut oil for a bit? Yes please. Introducing the two-in-one power of Tahitian Tiare flowers, the Monoi Radiance Oil by The Body Shop is the perfect go-to product for winter.

Based on the techniques used by tropical Pacific Islanders, the oil’s radiance enhancing texture and moisture locking powers make it perfect for the Pakistan winter! You can surely thank us later for this gem.

Where to find: Any The Body Shop outlet.

Fountain(s) of youth

BS_Rosebud-SalveAlthough one keeps on mentioning the negative effects of the winter wind, it also is the perfect time to start the anti-aging regime, which according to most doctors one may need from age 25 due to rapidly increasing effects of the harsh sun. Consisting of a number of creams to apply daily, day and night, the choice of the ones to use could be gargantuan. However, if there’s one company that gives us the perfect solution, it’s Clarins.

The Parisian brand, which for ages has been the luxurious companion in all vanity kits, now provides a wonderful set of restorative creams that are sure to help the skin feel rejuvenated.  While we promised 5 products in total, we thought we’d give an extra treat by including the three-part Super Restorative Collection to the list.  With the Super Restorative Day Cream, Décolleté and Neck Concentrate, and Night Cream being a part of the set, one can surely feel the change on their wrinkles, spots, and radiance right from day one.

Perfect winter and anti-ageing combination? Check.

Where to find: Any leading make-up store or order it www.clarins.com

Lips like coralline

What’s worse in winter than dry skin? Cracked lips. Whether it’s the flaky effect that makes one want to hide their lips in distress, or just the annoyance caused by it, chapped lips are the worst things about winter’s effects on our skin. However, all hope’s not lost thanks to the wondrous world of cosmetics! Introducing Rosebud Perfume Co.’s Rosebud Salve, which is not only a multi-purpose salve for the lips and dried skin, but if Beyoncé’s beauty regiments are to be followed, an amazing prime for the lashes as well! Use this celebrity make-up artists’ favourite product and you can thank us later.

Where to find: Order it from www.sephora.com


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