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BEAUTY STATION! Winter hair trends to follow

Instep talks to acclaimed stylist Nabila who shares some hair trends that you can flaunt this chilly season.

BEAUTY STATION! Winter hair trends to follow

With winter finally here, at least in most part of the country, it is not just our wardrobes and beauty regimes that need an update; in fact, it also means that our crowning glory needs to be revitalized as the weather becomes chillier.

If you haven’t changed your look in ages, then opting for a trendy hair cut or changing your hair color can go a long way in transforming your entire look. So, in a bid to know more about show-stopping hair trends that are all the rage this winter, Instep got in touch with renowned image consultant Nabila who reveals everything you need to know about hair trends to stay ahead of the curve.

Trendy haircuts

A haircut can make or break your look. Talking about haircuts that are all the rage these days, Nabila says, “Mid length or shorter hair is the way to go. Say goodbye to long hair and say hello to trendy strong shapes, such as boxy, chunky and square looking haircuts. But the key to pull off such a haircut is of course to wear it effortlessly.”

Perfect hair shades for winter

In the past there have been many techniques including Ombre, Balayage and freehand hair colouring technique, in which lighter shades like blonde and beige were used, but now things are changing. “After years of doing Balayage in light colors we hope to go for hair colors that bring back the real hair texture to life along with adding shine, movement and lots of volume. In short, basically rich darker colors are the in thing for winter,” informs Nabila.

Hair styles that’ll rule…

BTS_2As far as hair dos and styles are concerned, the expert says that textured blow-dries, half-tied hair and messy knots are here to stay. They look classy yet pretty.

Hottest hair accessory

In the summertime, decorated and highly embellished pony braids were one style that gave a fun twist to the good old ponytail. “But now it is all about shiny hair rather than embellishing your tresses with any hair accessory,” she shares.

Best hair products for winter

BTS_3During winter your hair tends to become dry and brittle, as the cold weather wreaks havoc by stripping your hair of natural oil and moisture, causing tangles. According to Nabila, creamy products with a slight hold work the best in this season. “Such products not only give your hair an effortless texture but will also keep the static away. Just what’s needed for winter!”

Hair trend that is big no no…

BTS_4The fact is that Pakistani women are obsessed with long hair and sadly enough they are not too open about experimenting with different looks. However, the expert reveals that long hair has taken a back seat. “Long hair is a big NO this season,” says Nabila.

Oiling or protein treatment?

It is very important to take extra care of your locks especially during the winter season and many women and men resort to oiling their hair. “Oiling coats your hair while conditioning treatments such as protein treatment tends to penetrate the hair shaft and hence is more beneficial than oiling,” she asserts.

Hair care tips by Nabila

BTS_Hairstyle“This winter go for colors that are dark and rich. Try and experiment with versatile haircuts that can go from day to night and work to party easily and effortlessly,” she shares. As for staying away from the annoying static, Nabila advises not to over blow dry your hair and most importantly, use cream based styling products during winter.

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