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BEAUTY STATION! Who’s the shiniest of them all?

This season is all about flaunting metallic shades

BEAUTY STATION!  Who’s the shiniest of them all?

We have been witnessing this trend for quite some time now. We’ve loved and admired models parading on the runways, flashing their metallic bronze eyes and blingy red-gold lips. But admit it or not, most of us just aren’t bold enough to wear a high-impact shimmering metallic on the eyes or lips. However, it is time to say goodbye to the pretty young thing in you and amp things up by focusing on heavy metal eyes or opting for chrome nails. Log on to Instagram and you will be blown away by gorgeous chrome nail videos and photos of these phosphorescent fingers. Yes, those mirror-effect nails are all the rage these days. Even beauty brands like Lancome, Bobbi Brown, NYX and MAC have been coming out with palettes, sticks, and kits, all made to give you that stunning sheen.

If you are all set to incorporate some metallic shades in your makeup regime, here’s what you need to know…

Hints of ‘Metal’

BTS_Hints-of-metal_1911Going for an entire electric blue or emerald green lid can be a little overpowering. Instead, use hints of metallic shadows in gold, silver, platinum and bronze hues toward the inner corner of your eyes. This technique not only focuses on highlighting the whites of your eyes but also adds that subtle shiny effect. Stila Liquid Shadow in Diamond Dust and Bobbi Brown’s Silver Lilac Shadow have a great pearly shimmer that is perfect for the inner corner of your eyes. You can also extend a bit of the colour on your upper and lower lash lines.

Line up those eyes

BTS_Smoke-it-up_1911Another option is to go for winged eyeliners in any colour you like – be it turquoise, shimmering plum or bright maroon. Try applying a cat-eyeliner with NYX Cosmetics Slide-On Eyeliner in Platinum. It is a creamy formula that gives a molten and pigmented effect. If you don’t want a defined liner then you can also opt for a smudged look. All you have to do is draw a thick line along your top lashes and run a brush over it to blend the colour up your lids. And you are done.

Smoke it up

BTS_Line-up-those-eyes_1911Aiming for a glimmering eye makeup, then mix a metallic shade of your choice with black eye shadow and smoke things up a bit. Yes, smoky eyes never go out of style and it is the best way to keep it all glamorous. For a sultry, smoky eye you can use warmer hues of bronze and brown. To get the look, you can start by lining your whole eye with black pencil. Brush a shimmery bronze shadow by CoverGirl Queen Collection on your lids and blend a chocolate brown shadow in the crease of your eyes. Create a V shape so it extends past the outer corners and comes back under your lower lash lines. Finish with tons of mascara and voila! You’re all set to go.

Pout that yells metal

BTS_Pout-that-yellsBTS_Pout-that-yells2_1911Lipstick has now gotten a whole lot more exciting. And it’s time to let your shimmery, glimmery lips do the talking! Want to go for a high-impact metal effect then finish off your no makeup look with some MAC Metallic Lipstick – Disobedient or if you want a perfect wine-like shade then go for Lancome’s Metallic Lip Lacquer – Molten Magenta.

All that glitters – mirror manicure

BTS_All-that-glitters_1911Mirror nails, or chrome nails, are the latest trend and it seems as if mirror manicure is the latest must-have for every girl. Basically, the bold look can be achieved with a highly pigmented silver powder or a number of stunning shiny colours. Moreover, one can get the million dollar shine by using chrome nail polishes like Essie’s Mirror Metallics or Sally Hansen’s Chrome Nail Makeup.

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