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BEAUTY STATION! Tweaking your summer beauty game

Change the way you do your makeup with the change of weather; here’s where nature dictates the rules.

BEAUTY STATION! Tweaking your summer beauty game

Instep Desk

Most of us don’t really put that much thought into making our summer beauty look different from our winter one. However, since we’re in the business of fashion and keep up with all those little tips and tricks to accommodate every change in weather, we’ve got news for you. Besides an extra layer of sunscreen and a heavier sweep of bronzer, there are other alterations to be made that can instantly elevate your makeup look. Bolder brows and an extra few coats of mascara aside, think: a mossy green smoky eye, a hot pink lip or even a white eyeliner.

Before you try these fun summer looks there are a few steps to take. The key to keeping your makeup from melting even on the hottest day of the year is to start with a flawless base and build on that. These are the three things you need to set yourself up for beauty success, all summer long. A mattifying primer will minimize the natural shine you’ll have from sweating throughout the day. Then, instead of reaching for your usual foundation, pick up a tinted sunscreen. This guarantees both great coverage and UV protection, all in one smooth layer instead of two potentially greasy ones. Apply the rest of your makeup as per usual, and then top everything off with a refreshing setting spray to really seal the deal. Now over to the fun additions to your base.


Green with envy

One underestimates how flattering a mossy green shade can be on our skin colour. Mixed with a gold, it adds the perfect tropical vibe to your beauty look. The one thing to remember is to line the eye with a black pencil, load up on mascara and finish off with a bronzer on the cheeks. Without the rest of the steps, you may want to write off this look permanently but the finished look is one of our favourites! One can leave their hair tied or open in beachy waves, depending on how formal you want to look.


White supremacy

BTS_White-Supremacy_154White always looks clean and crisp during the summer, whether it’s a new collared white shirt or a white handbag – and white eyeliner is no exception. A thin line across your top lashes instantly brightens up your eyes, while a winged cat eye has a cool, futuristic vibe. Coat your lashes in brown mascara (black can look too retro), and keep your lips and cheeks subtle with a neutral lip tint.


Haute pink

BTS_Haute-Pink_154Who needs bronzer when you have a hot-pink lipstick that makes your eyes look brighter, your skin look healthier, and can stand on its own with very little other makeup. Choose a fuchsia shade with a hint of which are more universal and less tricky to pull off. Apply your base of choice (concealer, foundation, BB cream, etc.), curl your lashes, and add a couple layers of black mascara. Then dust pink blush on the apples of your cheeks to keep the look fresh.


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