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If you like experimenting with different makeup for your eyes then here are 5 exciting ways you can achieve dramatic, smokey eyes.


Instep Desk

Admit it or not but managing the perfect eye makeup and blending the right shades on your lids is definitely a task. You can achieve a flawless dewy base and pout that is just right, but one wrong stroke on your lids and you might have to start all over again. But that’s precisely why women spend so much time on their eyes; it ensures the perfect look. When dressing up for any occasion, many opt for bold eyes and nothing beats the timeless smokey eye makeup. For decades, this look has been embraced and utilized for those moments we need to give our faces some sultry oomph.

Instep gives a low down on different kinds of smokey eye makeup that you can try this season…

Classy black

One of the most popular and stunning variations is the black smokey eye, which can be as dark and dramatic as possible. Unlike other smokey eye looks that get progressively darker from inner to outer corner, this look uses black eye shadow across the entire eyelid. All you have to do is cover your  eyelid with gentle strokes of your favourite black kohl/kajal pencil. This will allow your shadow to last longer. Then use a black eye shadow and pat it on top of the liner and blend. Intensify the eye shadow if need be but make sure it is blended well outwards at the corner of your eyes. Apply a lighter colour near the brow bone. Now line your waterline with a black pencil and finish off the look by applying loads of mascara.


Go green

fashion-2This jewel-toned striking look is the way to go this season. Start off by smudging a punchy jade green eye shadow both atop and under the eye. Working your way well up to the brow bone, buff the green shade into an exaggerated wing shape at the outer corner of your eyes. For a hint of sparkle, apply a metallic green shadow on the inner corner of the eye. Apply a rich mint shade pencil instead of a black kohl pencil and line your lash line with an intense black eyeliner. Finish off your look with a black mascara.


Perfectly purple

fashion-3When used on the eyes in the form of an eye shadow, purple can create a magical look. Purple is a great choice because it adds colour to the look while keeping it dark and striking. Here’s how you can achieve the perfect purple smokey eyes. With a black kajal pencil apply thick eyeliner on your upper lash line and waterline. Using a smudger brush, gently smudge the kohl on the upper lash line. Then apply purple eye shadow on your eyelid and blend the eye shadow towards the crease. Add some gold shadow on the inner corners of your eyes. Apply at least two coats of mascara for that dramatic look. And voila! You’re done!


V smokey look

fashion-4A common type of smokey eye make-up, the dark V is not only simple but is super easy to blend. You start with the lightest shade (like gold or pink) in the inner corner and use the darkest shade such as black or dark brown to make a V-shape at the outer corner of your eyes. Then you blend the two, midway. This look is great for close-set eyes which are more downward drooping than cat-like. Almond eyes with a lot of lid space are also ideal for this look, because it stretches the eyes outwards.


Blue and beautiful

fashion-5Let your eyes do the talking with this trendy look. Follow these simple steps to ace the blue smokey look. Start by applying grey shadow near your lash line and blend it upwards. Now apply a blue shade – it can be shimmery or matte – and blend well. Pat some more of the blue shade in the centre of your eyelid and blend in both directions. Don’t forget to apply kajal on your waterline and lengthen your lashes using your favourite volumizing mascara.


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