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BEAUTY STATION! Skincare Mainstays

Instep gives you a lowdown on products that are essential for your skincare regime.

BEAUTY STATION! Skincare Mainstays

Instep Desk

Makeup trends can be identified off a red-carpet or a single scroll through Instagram but on the other hand, skincare trends mostly get attention for being whack rather than reliable. The next big thing in skin care isn’t going to pop out at you from a celebrity’s post (unless they’re being paid to make sure you know about it). Neither is the next big thing going to be a chemical peel mask you heard about a beauty blogger trying on Instagram. They are actually the more sustainable products that have found permanency in our skincare regimes. Read along to be ahead of the curve when everyone starts talking about the benefits of jade rollers in December.

Clay Masks

BTS_Clay-MaskThese masks are more intense than your average gel or sheet mask because they have multiple benefits. Keeping shine at bay, clay masks diminish pores and dig deep to unclog toxins, dirt and debris, restoring the skin’s natural radiance with at-home convenience. It’s an easy to do solution, which now targets different skin types to avoid drying skin out. L’Oréal has three different types; exfoliate & refine, detox & brighten or purify & mattify that one can use according to their needs.

Exfoliating powders

BTS_Exfoliating-powdersExfoliating is crucial to a good skincare regime because it removes the first layer of dead skin and preps skin for everything else. This also makes skin texture more supple and brightens and evens out complexion. Scrubs are out and powders are in due to their finely milled texture, which means that they are also easier on the skin. Simply needing to be mixed with a few drops of water or serum, the powders are practical — they travel with ease in both your carry-on and gym bag — and cater to sensitive skin.

Jade Face Rollers

BTS_Jade-Face-Rollers2With a skincare track-record that dates back to seventh century China, jade rollers have truly earned their position in our beauty arsenal. They are known to calm swelling and irritation while helping to massage products into the skin. Stimulating circulation, improving elasticity and strengthening the face muscles for a more lifted, sculpted appearance, it’s a must-stock beauty tool for daily rejuvenation.

Hyaluronic Booster

BTS_Jade-Face-RollersNormally found in face creams, this one product has really blown up and been dubbed the ultimate skincare essential. People are ditching the creams it’s found in and going straight to the source by applying it directly to the skin. Restoring youthful dewiness to tired and dull complexions and penetrating skin’s surface to help lock in moisture, the ingredient has really picked up in recent times.


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