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BEAUTY STATION! Sadaf Kanwal’s beauty regime

The model turned actress shares the secret behind her glowing skin.

BEAUTY STATION! Sadaf Kanwal’s beauty regime

Sadaf Kanwal is one of the most sought after models in the fashion industry today. The model turned actress, who made her acting debut with Balu Mahi in 2017, will now appear in the much-anticipated drama serial Alif, that also features Hamza Ali Abbasi and Sajal Ali in key roles.

Sadaf Kanwal is known for her unique beauty and thick eyebrows; it wouldn’t be wrong to say that she brought the trend of strong eyebrows back in fashion in Pakistan.

Here Sadaf Kanwal talks to Instep about her no-go areas when it comes to beauty trends and the secret behind her glowing skin.

For a natural glow

BTS_Lip-balm“As far as my skin care regime is concerned, when I am not shooting I try to avoid makeup, allowing my skin to breathe and I rely on a lot of home remedies,” Sadaf shared. “I am a very desi kind of a person. So the one thing that I swear by is applying organic coconut oil to my face at night after removing my makeup. It not only cleanses the skin but gives a very glowy look the next day. I also firmly believe that your skin reflects what you eat so I try to eat healthy and include lots of fruits and vegetables in my diet. I make sure to keep myself hydrated throughout the day and most importantly, I never skip my moisturizer and always keep a lip balm handy.”

Favourite beauty trend

“Isn’t it obvious? The thick brow trend is my favourite. Even if this trend goes away, I will always go for thick brows. I enjoy the fact that I have thick brows naturally, while everybody else who wants to flaunt thick eyebrows has to resort to making fake brows with eyebrow kits and pencils.”

A trend that I will never go for

“Overly sticky lip gloss is a big no for me – imagine your hair strands getting stuck to your glossy lips and leaving marks on your face. I will never go for this BTS_Fenty-lipstickbeauty trend.”

When on holiday…

“I would define my go-to holiday look as minimalist yet chic. Working in the fashion industry requires you to experiment with various looks and put on a lot of makeup and hair products to achieve a desired look, so when on holiday I prefer giving my skin a break as well and staying away from beauty products.”

Beauty products or homemade recipes?

“As I mentioned earlier, I am very desi when it comes to beauty regimes. I love a home spa day plus organic things suit my skin so I try to avoid chemical products as much as I can.”

My all time favourites

“I definitely have a favourite perfume and that is Coco Mademoiselle Perfume by Chanel. As for beauty products, these days I am obsessing over Fenty’s Mattemoiselle Plush Matte Lipstick since it is super hydrating and perfect for this weather.”

Must have products

BTS_Micellar-water“It’s a toss a between Dior Micellar Water and Sugar Caramel Hydrating Lip Balm by Fresh. I cannot make it through the day without either one.”

My makeup bag is full of

“My makeup kit is full of brow pencils of different brands and lip colours in various shades of pink.”

Tips & tricks

“I have learnt a lot from makeup artists backstage, but one tip is how to make your highlighter pop. All you have to do is spray the brush with makeup fixer first and then apply highlighter. Another makeup tip is to never put concealer or foundation on your eyelids before putting on eye shadows as it will crease your eye makeup.”

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