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Beauty Station! Playing with the rainbow

Who says eye make up has to be safe and predictable?

Beauty Station! Playing with the rainbow


Women in Pakistan are generally afraid to take risks when it comes to makeup. They’ll opt for the safe red lip and black eyeliner look when thinking about ‘party makeup’ and smoky eyes or nude lips are as experimental as they’ll get, generally speaking. But Pakistani women can’t be blamed because not too long ago, women didn’t have so many occasions to get dolled up for; family functions, weddings, birthdays and Eid were the few events that topped a woman’s social calendar and all these occasions have less room for experimentation. However, now that Pakistan’s entertainment landscape is drastically changing, so are the instances for women to glam it up. There are music festivals, fashion weeks and numerous other fabulously festive opportunities for women to take out their glittered liners and rainbow highlighters. Therefore, we have tried to round up a few colourful fashion week trends if you’re bored of the done-to-death black cat eyes.

Disco eyes by Sophia Webster

BS_SophiaIf this Sophia Webster look doesn’t scream ‘summer music festival’ then nothing ever will. For the urban girl who isn’t afraid of standing out, these disco eyes with a modern twist are a perfect way of making a unique statement. All one needs is rainbow glitters and eyeliner to create a personalized signature look.

Pastel blend by Jill Stuart

BS_Jill-stuartBlending two different shades of eye shadow is something every Pakistani girl has mastered in the course of her life but we usually stay within a predictable colour palette of gold, copper and brown (again, weddings are to be blamed for this.) But thanks to the makeup artists at Jill Stuart, turns out that light and shimmery pastel shades can look just as good. Here, salmon and ice blue are blended in to give a fabulously fuss free look. To top it off, use a black liquid liner to add some depth to the look.

Soft smoky by Aigner

BS_AignerAs much as we love our go-to smoky eyes for a night out, perhaps it is time to find a replacement. No one’s saying we need to completely give up on our love for smoky eyes but what we are suggesting is that instead of using your ash browns and blacks to darken your eye, why not use a light and refreshing shade of shimmery aquamarine instead? You can choose your favourite cool shades and swipe a generous amount across the lid. As long as the eye shadow is light and glossy, you’re good to go. Be careful not to use a matte powder, otherwise your eyes will end up looking heavy and cakey.

Glittery eyes by Sabinna

BS_SabinnaThis look is perfect for the futuristic, winter wonderland themed bash that you have to attend this month. High lined brows with a strip of holographic glitter along the arches is the perfect way to use glitter this season. Although we might suggest you use an icy cool palette of silver and blue eye gloss across the lid instead of the light pink used here.

Coloured liner by Wunderkind

BS_BlugirlThis is perhaps the safest colourful look on this list and it’s for those who want to try a pop of colour without standing out too much. It’s time to invest in some neon eye-liners, preferably hot pink and neon orange, as can be seen on the models for Wunderkind. The make up artist used Stargazer’s Neon Liquid Liner in Magenta but this look can be easily achieved by using any colourful liner.



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