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Beauty Station! New Year, New You

Instep looks at 5 looks you surely need in 2017!

Beauty Station! New Year, New You


2_BS_Look-1While we’ve all heard the ‘new year, new me’ line much too often each year at those bedazzling winter weddings or as we welcome the New Year with serious partying, how many of us actually follow it to a T? Albeit it’s often hard to experiment at a time when everyone’s glammed up and you need to be confident of looking your very best, you can never go wrong with a style that’s not only unique but stands out amongst the faux Louboutins and scarlet lips. Feeling brave this year? Then why not try these 5 ‘new year’ beauty inspirations with Instep!

Ice Princess

3B_shadesBS_Look-2-1A look that keeps the war paint to a minimum but contains an oomph factor, thanks to the translucence it lends (which you surely need at parties this year to feel glamorous) you could never go wrong with the perfect mix of some luminous eye shadow, a strong mascara and lightly painted lips. This is where you end up looking like a model right out of a Scandinavian fashion magazine!

Recommended: For the eyes, Chanel’s Illusion D’Ombre works perfectly thanks to the intensely shimmering look it gives, which of course can also be worn as a eyeliner! Combine that with Estee Lauder’s Pure Color lipstick in the shade of Pinkberry and you have a winter look no one’s forgetting anytime soon.

Where to buy: Both items can be purchased through www.sephora.com

Shades of Violet

3_shadesBS_Look-2-1While you know that everyone will go for that red shade of lip colour this winter, why not go for something on the violet side of life? Not only will that keep your look dramatic but it’ll break the monotony of rouge colours. Match that up with some light pink toned blush and dark coloured eye shadow and paint the town violet.

Recommended:  With Tom Ford’s collection of lip colours that he believes are the best accessory a woman could use, the job is that much easier. Pick up Ford’s Violet Fatale lip colour and match that up with our very own Massarrat Misbah’s Ethereal Glow radiant pink blush, and create some head-turning magic.

Where to Buy: Tom Ford lip colours can be purchased through www.tomford.com, while Massarrat Misbah’s collection is available at any leading makeup store.

Peachy Keen

For the all time simple look for this season, look no further than for the shades of peach. With a colour that looks au naturale any season of the year, it gives out the perfect glimmer in the wintery months of Pakistan. All you need for this is a lightly shimmery lip-gloss and some cheek stain and the look is already set!

4_BS_Look-4-15_Peachay_BS_Look-2Recommended: A brand that we swear by is Laura Mercier and surely she could never go wrong. Don’t believe us? Use her Stain Spot in Peach Glaze on the cheeks and just see the wonders of it! Plus, if that’s not enough add up some NARS Lip-gloss in Striptease for that perfect lip colour! You can thank us later.

Where to buy: Both products can be purchased through www.sephora.com

Auburn Highness

There are two things, which never go out of fashion as much as we try to brand them as faux pas’ each year: scarlet lips and fall shades. However, let’s just be clear, it isn’t always a bad thing to use these two, especially in winter. With some smoky eyes added to the concoction, all you need is nude coloured lips and all the drama will unfold over those beautiful dark shaded eyes.

Recommended:  For a dramatic smoky eye effect look no further than L’Oreal’s Studio Secrets Professional in the shade of Autumn Leaves, add up a line of dark kohl and those eyes will catch attention from afar. Plus, since we want all of the attention up there, ColorPop’s Ultra Matte Lip in Trap is the picture-perfect product to add to the look.

last_BS_Look-5Where to buy: Both products can be purchased through www.sephora.com

Belle of the Ball

For this final look, we all know how much everyone’s been craving for the perfect look to attend a shaadi with. Well, look no further as all you need is a dramatic eye shadow, complementing eyeliner, and a deep coloured lip shade that completes the siren style look that seems to be all the rage right now! However, one thing that we always recommend is remembering that less is more and never the opposite!

Recommend:  For the perfect choice of the eyeshades you need, why not go for Luscious Cosmetics’ Ather Shahzad Master Make-up Palette and choose the shade that completes the look? Add that up with Massarrat Misbah’s Dahlia lip-gloss and once again Luscious’ Catwalk waterproof eyeliner, and we can recommend that heads will turn faster than people running over for the food!

Where to buy: All products can be purchased at any leading makeup store in Pakistan.


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