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Nails like never before

The hottest nail art trends every fashionista will be sporting this season

Nails like never before

There was time when nail polish was considered to be an after-thought while putting a look together but in recent times it’s been elevated to the same level as working a quirky accessory. Nails are now an empty canvas to be painted in reflection of your personal style and are considered just as important as jewellery or the right bag in order to complete your ensemble. We present to you the top five nail trends, as seen on international runways to inspire you this season. Bring out the varnish, ladies!

Stiletto Nails

Preferred by the likes of Rihanna, Kyle Jenner and Lisa Potter, creative director of Benefit England, stiletto nails are the trending IT nail shape to sport this season. As the name suggests, the nail is sharpened to a point instead of being filed to a round, square or oval shape, giving a very edgy, almost talon like appeal. While the shape is taking red carpets by storm we’re not too fond of its dagger like effect and can imagine the nails to be rather impractical on a day to day basis. While it’s a new shape to try temporarily if you’re keen on experimenting, stiletto nails don’t win any style points with us. Don’t try this at home!

French Revivalbs_French-Revival-2

Not too long ago the fashion world celebrated the end of the French manicure era. White tips were no longer the style du jour and instead were replaced with solid or nude hues. 2016 though sees a revival of the French manicure, but with a twist. White tips are still dated but if you replace white with any other colour, you’re on trend. From pairing brightly coloured tips with nude nails to colour blocking for a dramatic effect, the French is definitely back with a bang. You can even outline the crescent of your nail bed with a darker shade than the one on your tips for truly unique look. Our favourite version? Matching your coloured eyeliner to your French tips.

Stripped Affair


From metallic strips over-hanging down the sides to a plaid print painted on, stripes are next big nail art trend.  One version of this as seen on the runway involved actual strips of metallic material glued on to the nail. You can create your own geometrical patterns or keep it classy by varying the length and thickness of the stripes. Inspired by the red and blue checkered design debuted at the Zac Posen show we’ll definitely be playing with checks and plaid on our nails this season.

Paint SplatterBS_paint-splatter

If you take a nail polish brush, remove all excessive polish from it and brush it over it your nail bed, you’ll achieve an uneven texture that looks like an accidental paint splatter. Inspired by revival of the pop art movement and the eternally relevant artist, Jackson Pollock, the paint splatter trend takes a polished approach to a messy, undone look. Beware though, while it may appear to be effortless in its unkempt appeal, it is by no means a simple slap-dash job. You can attempt it at home but we’d advice going to a trained nail technician so that your splatter doesn’t resemble a tragic paint spill.

Liquid MetalBS_Liquid-Metal

Remember painting your nails with gold and silver markers in middle school? We’re back in those days! Expect to see a lot of metallic and glitter this season, not just in apparel but also in beauty. From the revival of glitter lipstick and gloss to a late 90’s, early 2000 inspired metallic nail polish revamp, chrome finish is the way to go this spring. With major beauty brands such as Nars, Essie, OPI and Chanel already putting out tin foil inspired hues the stage is all set for a metallic nail revival.

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