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BEAUTY STATION! Nabila’s beauty trends

With PLBW this year, N-Pro, the official hair and makeup partners of PFDC, are pushing for three makeup trends. Here’s what they are.

BEAUTY STATION! Nabila’s beauty trends

People come to PFDC L’Oreal Paris Bridal Week expecting to see the latest in bridal finery and they do. However, beauty trends form an integral part of fashion week – yes, even if it’s bridal week. While the bride may not partake in the trends established, the guests may want to experiment a little. Plus, what’s the fun in watching fashion on the ramp without fun beauty add-ons? Although Nabila’s team has a tough time pushing for these trends on the ramp itself, they work on them without any official structure everywhere. “Everybody is very safe; they go for pulled back hair with low buns, smoky eyes and light lips. If they really want to be disruptive, they’ll do red lips,” Nabila shared.

The team puts together hair and makeup trends at both of PFDC’s fashion weeks, Sunsilk and L’Oreal, respectively. The trends infiltrate into the shoots they do, the celebrities that come by the salon for red carpet appearances and for the films Nabila styles. “They are aspirational trends so not everyone will try them as is but they trickle down to the mainstream eventually. That’s the journey of fashion. A while ago, it may have taken a decade for a trend to trickle down. Now it’s happening much faster. It’s all coming full circle,” she said.

On her inspirations and method for putting together the trends, she elaborated, “My job is to keep my antennas up and see what’s happening all over the world and pick up what I like. I see what I can sell keeping the balance between what I like and Pakistani sensibilities. Whatever I like, I will present to you in a way you can digest.”

Festive eyebrows

BTS-Festive-Eyebrow-1BTS-Festive-Eyebrow-2Eyebrows are generally a much neglected part of the face, even though they have the power to change the way your face looks. Women in Pakistan have been thinning their brows to an over-sculpted proportion for far too long but that’s now beginning to change. People are moving on to that part of the face as the long time love affair with strobing, contour and highlight is slowly on its way out. “We’re done with bushy eyebrows, bleached eyebrows and are now on to decorating the ‘brows. We see confetti eyebrows, tinted eyebrows and its fun because it’s so festive. We don’t know if this particular trend will trickle down that fast but we’ll have a focus on eyebrows in whatever we do,” Nabila shared.


BTS-GlitteratI-2BTS-GlitteratI-1Nabila shared that the N Pro team is using lots of glitter lately whether it’s on the eyes, face or body. Glitter eyes are one of the most ubiquitous beauty trends to have emerged during the Spring/Summer 2018 fashion show circuit as well. Blending disco influences with the current craze for all things holographic, multiple fashion houses have put a twinkly stamp on their catwalk beauty looks for spring. If using glitter particles sounds too dramatic or time consuming, use a glittery eyeliner as one easy and low-maintenance way as a nod to the trend this season.

Cosmic metal

BTS-Cosmic-Metal-2BTS-Cosmic-Metal“I can’t say lips, eyes, nails but I will mention that this trend will be huge for this season because most makeup brands are coming out with this finish and texture. We won’t do green metallic lips on a bride but for young people, for a red carpet appearance, it may work,” Nabila noted. She predicted that the trend will trickle down and we’ll see a girl sporting pink metallic lips or gold metallic lips. Nabila is also giving Mawra Hocane pink metallic lips for the upcoming Jawani Phir Nahi Ani sequel so that’s one way the trend is being taken from N Pro headquarters to the forefront.

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