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Maram Azmat is one half of theduo Maram Aabroo which is among the country’s leading photography and make-up studios


The ‘It’ Make-up Trends of 2015M&A-3

It won’t be long before the chilly days give way to warmer weather and with the onset of spring, fashion trends will also take a turn for the more colourful. Internationally, make-up trends for the upcoming spring/summer season are playful, focused on colour and embracing the natural. We talked to make-up guru Maram Azmat to discover how these trends can be translated to suit the desi aesthetic and what look should the trend-conscious be sporting come spring.

“The look for the upcoming spring/summer season should be very fresh,” says Maram. Which in layman’s terms means that one should go easy on the foundation and the kajal (the staple of a Pakistani woman’s made-up look) and instead play around with trends that convey a more playful and less aging final effect.


esteelauderWe’ve loved the luminous, shimmery foundations that were all the rage in the winter and helped to give wane complexions a much-needed boost. But with spring approaching, it’s time to move on to matte-finish products, says Maram. Not only do they suit our skins, they also counter the effects of the sweltering sun that will soon be playing havoc with our make-up. She recommends the Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Foundation, a lightweight, oil-free formula which won’t run even if you stay out for long hours. It’s also one of the most natural-looking foundations around, and helps you achieve an effortlessly clean look.

To add a touch of colour, opt for a peachy blush to brighten up your complexion and give your face a natural flush, the kind that you get post-workout. Remember, the aim is to achieve a pretty glow, not a war-paint like streak on your face so make sure you apply the blush with care and in a well-lit place.


fendi-jessica-stamysl“The eyes are becoming the talking point in the upcoming season,” says Maram. So go ahead, unleash your inner artist and use those baby blues as the canvas for your creativity. Fendi S/S ’15 at Milan Fashion Week featured strips of corn blue leather as eye accessories and while that trend might be a little difficult to replicate in real life, aquatic-inspired eyeshades are going to be all the rage. Maram recommends the YSL Palette Blues Lumiere as perfectly suited to our desi skin tones.

If blue isn’t your thing, opt for the more subtle purple. “Purple is slated to be the new black come spring,” declares Maram. It’s a versatile shade that can give a dramatic, smoky effect without getting as heavy as black or brown eyeshades. “Other trends to play around with are metallic eyeshadows, feline eyeliner, and thick mascaraed lashes. Ditch the kajal, because the look to go for is clean and no-fuss,” recommends the make-up artist.


dolcestainedlipsShine is so-last season, the trend to aim for now is ‘stained’. That means lip colour which gives you a pretty yet sexy, just-bitten look. Maram foresees berry and wine-red lips, the likes of what we saw at Dolce & Gabbana at Milan Fashion Week, as the ‘it’ lip colours of the season. To achieve a stained look, apply one light coat of lipstick on clean and smooth lips, then top up with a second coat only on the centre of the upper and lower lips. Smooth out any uneven lines with a finger and viola! You’re the sultry femme fatale of the evening. For a more fun look, Maram recommends a sugar pink shade of lipstick and if you want to go fresh-faced you’re in luck because nude lips with a touch of gloss are also bang on trend.


You’ve tried everything from fire-engine red to candy pink, coral to silver but the coming season is one where you need to give your nails a breather and embrace their natural colour. According to Maram, nude nails are in vogue and at the most you can opt for a French manicure to give your hands a neat and well-maintained look.

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