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Beauty Station! No makeup? No problem!

How to make your face look luminous without makeup

Beauty Station! No makeup? No problem!

 Instep Desk

Using excessive makeup to look good may sometimes work in your favour, but other times it can create the opposite effect. Everyone knows that using too much makeup can be damaging for your skin. If not cleaned properly, it can clog up the pores and cause your skin to break out. Therefore it works as a vicious cycle: You use makeup to cover up spots and pimples, which in turn gives you more spots and pimples, and then on it goes. So how about we instead learn tips and tricks that help us in looking good without having to use makeup at all? And by no makeup, we don’t mean the ‘no makeup look’. We are actually talking about saying goodbye to the foundations and highlighters and saying hello to moisturizers and scrubs. Here we round up a few products one should use if they are also done with using makeup.


2Perhaps the best thing one can do for their skin is to exfoliate it regularly, as scrubbing the dead skin off your face is perhaps the best way to get the youthful look naturally. Makeup artist Carmindy suggests using a cleanser mixed with a pinch of plain granular white sugar as she thinks that “It’s the best exfoliant around for eliminating dead skin.” While any cleanser can do the job, the One-Step gentle Exfoliating Cleanser from Clarins is a good option as it can be used as a scrub as well as for everyday face wash.

Lip service

3The modern woman tends to use a lot of lipsticks because that pop of colour can go a long way in keeping our face look well put together. However, that is also damaging for your lips in the long run because excessive products can lead to your lips drying up and nobody likes chapped lips. Therefore, the next best thing to lip colour is actually a coloured lip balm. Yes, it won’t give you the same dark colour that a lipstick would, but it will keep your lips moisturized all day long while giving a very natural glossy shine. The lip balms from Body Shop are an absolute must have because they come out in so many great colours and flavours and smell just as amazing as well.


4Most girls probably remember to highlight their face but don’t realize the importance of using a good moisturizer. It’s easy to make your skin look shiny by using a highlighter strategically on your face but wouldn’t it be better if your skin could glow naturally? One way to achieve this is by keeping your skin hydrated and that can be done with the help of a light and sheer moisturizer. What will work even better is a lightening SPF moisturizer that also works to lighten dark spots on your face over time.

Lengthen your lashes

5Again, excessive mascara can lead to your eyelashes getting stuck in a chunky mess which can look really unsightly and is also really difficult to clean off your lashes, which is why the next best way to make your lashes look longer and fuller is by using clear mascara. Clear mascara is actually a gel that can be applied to the lashes with the help of a comb. The gel helps to separate the lashes and conditions them as well. We would recommend the clear mascara from Maybelline as it’s easy on the pocket, simple to use and easily available. Don’t worry about the gel getting stuck on your lashes as it can easily be removed with the help of any oil-free makeup remover.


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