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BEAUTY STATION! “I just love makeup.”

Model turned actor, Zara Abid shares her beauty secrets with Instep.

BEAUTY STATION! “I just love makeup.”

Don’t you just go wow when you see celebrities hit the red carpet, looking stunning and flaunting flawless, radiant skin? The fact is that actresses and models are constantly photographed and filmed, so it’s no surprise that they always want to put their best ‘face’ forward. And for that, they experiment with their looks, try different makeup techniques and what not. Putting on makeup and looking glamorous is quite easy but for healthy, glowing skin, it is important to get your systems function properly. Of course, A-list celebs have access to various beauty treatments, but there are some beauty secrets that celebs swear by.

Being one of the top ten faces in fashion, Zara Abid has recently ventured into acting. The model turned actress will be making her acting debut with Azeem Sajjad’s upcoming biopic, Chaudhry.

To know more about Zara’s beauty regime Instep got in touch with her to find out how she manages to look gorgeous while managing a hectic work routine.

Go natural

“As far as my skin care regime is concerned, it is very simple. I believe that nothing is more effective than natural ingredients and that your skin reflects what you eat,” Zara shared. “I make sure that my diet includes lots of fresh vegetables and fruits. Also it is very important to stay hydrated throughout the day, especially when shooting outdoors under the scorching sun, so I take plenty of water and fresh juices.”

The secret of smooth skin

BTS_The-secret-of-smooth-skin“As I said earlier, for a healthy, glowing skin I rely on natural products. And the one thing that I swear by is applying Aloe Vera gel on my face. It keeps my skin smooth and glowing.

A trend that I will never go for

“To be honest, I have never been a big fan of hair dyes in hues like pink or green. So this is one trend I have never tried and I will never opt for in the future as well.”

My makeup essentials

BTS_My-makeup-essentials“I generally don’t wear a lot of makeup, but one thing is for sure; I just love makeup. My makeup essentials include The Body Shop tint, a mascara, liner and that’s about it. Even my makeup bag has pretty much the same beauty products.”

Go-to holiday look

“I like my go-to holiday look to be simple and pretty. So, when on a holiday I prefer having an effortless look by leaving my ‘beach waves’ hair loose and of course I can’t do without my favourite tint. I also make sure to apply lots of body lotion along with spritzing on a good perfume.”

Favourite beauty trend

Favourite-beauty-trend“My favourite beauty trend has to be the classy red lip colour and winged eye liner. Don’t you just love how the red colour instantly adds oomph to an otherwise drab look?”

Biggest beauty indulgence

“I love makeup so much that when it comes to makeup and skin care, I am obsessed with anything and everything from The Body Shop, as they have some amazing products for every skin type.”

My all time favourites

My-all-time-favourites“I definitely have a favourite cosmetic brand and that is Laura Mercier – their products are absolutely wonderful. Beauty products that I can’t do without include The Body Shop tint, kajal and mascara. Also I am just crazy about Chanel perfumes.”

Tips & tricks

“I have learnt a lot from makeup artists backstage, but the tip that has stuck with me is to love your skin and be gentle to it. As a model and now an actor, it requires me to experiment with various looks and put on a lot of makeup to achieve a desired look, so I take extra care of my skin and keep it nourished.”

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