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Beauty Station! Grammys glamour

Best beauty looks at the music industry’s biggest award night

Beauty Station! Grammys glamour

Award season is upon us and several illustrious ceremonies have already concluded with the circuit ready to be rounded-up by the most prestigious of them all, the Oscars. Awards are great entertainment because they bring you the best of everything: fashion, beauty, red carpet glamour, celebrities, movies, music and much more. While the accolades are dear to those who receive them, we’re always a little more interested in the red carpet for the impact it has on our lives.

The award season red carpet is not only a great trend guide when it comes to fashion but also for beauty. We can try decoding as many runway reports as we want but there’s nothing quite like seeing your favourite celebrity rock a new beauty trend and be inspired by it. Here’s our round-up of not only the best beauty looks from the Grammys this year but also the trends they’re bound to start.

Chrissy Teigen

2_BS_chrissy-teigenFrom her triumphant trolling of President Trump on Twitter to her unguarded personality, Teigen has been the reigning social media queen for a while. She makes the cut for us this week because basically she looks flawless. There is literally not a single fault to be found in that face or her entire beauty look. Gorgeous dewy skin, perfectly smudged liner and the winning element for us – her hair. Ladies, if you haven’t realised already, long hair is so passe. Take a look around and everyone, locally and internationally, is getting a little snip. Teigen’s textured tresses are what we all hope our wet hair looks like when it dries after a generous spritz of lacquer spray but the wet look effect is what makes it cool.

Kat Graham

3_BS_Kat-GrahamYou might remember Graham as the witchy best friend from Vampire Diaries but the dusky beauty can conjure up a red carpet look or two with equal ease. Graham is another favourite pick from the red carpet because of her willingness to experiment with her beauty look on an occasion as grand as the Grammys. Graham rocks the glitter lips trend (that we’ve been harping about since last year) that has taken the global market by storm and proves that it’s only too risky to pull off if you’re feeling uncomfortable wearing it. With fashion week in Pakistan around the corner, let’s see how many runways (or red carpets) we spot this trend on.

Lady Gaga

4_BS_Lady-gagaGaga, still rising high on her successful Super Bowl performance and professional take-down of body shamers (including iconic designer Stefano Gabbana via an Instagram post) showed up to the Grammys wearing a crop top to end all others. It was designed in true Gaga fashion, with hair and make-up to match. We loved the look – bold, daring and complimentary of the crooner’s unapologetic and non-conforming personality. Hints of pale pink and blo-orange (the latest colour fad) peeked through her tousled pony while her makeup look defied all our drama rules. Her eye makeup was bold enough to be featured in any of her music video and she paired dramatic eyes with dramatic lips and killed it. In a sea of nude-y makeup, Gaga definitely stood out.

Solange Knowles

5_BS_Solange-KnowlesBey might be queen but Knowles really pulls off some seriously spectacular looks that mere mortals like us can only look at and gasp. She owns her afro, wearing it piled structurally on to her head (we thought it mimicked the symmetry of her dazzling gold gown and its ruffled shoulder) and you might not think her makeup was anything to write home about until you look closely. Knowles, keeping the look cohesive, wears skinny graphic liner on her lids. Brushed up eyebrows, glossy skin and lips complete her look. Here’s the thing ladies: OTT or minimalistic, you can rock any look as long it’s authentic.


6_BS_TinasheIf there is a colour to wholeheartedly embrace this season, it’s pink. Glossy, matte, light or bright, shades of pink and their unconventional usage will set the trend starters apart from the followers this season. Tinashe clearly doesn’t believe in being a follower and slays in her maroon-y pink eye shadow. Paired with faux lashes and glowing skin, she doesn’t need much else to make a statement.

P.S: Notice Tinashe and Knowles both wear architectural earrings with Knowles kicking it up a notch by keeping hers mismatched. That’s your hottest accessories trend for this season, right there. You’re welcome.



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