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BEAUTY STATION! Beauty secrets revealed

Syra Shahroz, Sarwat Gilani and Zhalay Sarhadi share their beauty regimes and go-to products.

BEAUTY STATION! Beauty secrets revealed

Juggling between family life and hectic work routines, a working mom’s life is not easy and it gets tougher for celebrity moms, who have the added pressure of looking good all the time. Just like most parents, star mums are tired and time pressed, yet they always manage to look gorgeous. At times one wonders how they juggle travel and super busy on-the-go lifestyles, all the while maintaining healthy, glowing skin. Between being in the spotlight and being a mother, there’s little time left for an elaborate beauty routine but these ladies know how to stay in shape and most importantly, what it takes to look good on a regular basis.

So how do these beautiful mommies manage their skin care routine?  Instep talks to three celebrity moms who share their beauty routines and their favorite products.

Syra Shahroz

Mother of a four-year old daughter, Syra Shahroz – who is currently shooting for her upcoming movie alongside her husband Shahroz Sabzwari – shares that she keeps herself hydrated throughout the day and that her beauty regime is quite simple.

“My beauty routine includes lots of water and exercising at least four times a week,” says Syra.

According to the actress, one’s skin reflects what they eat, so she consciously makes an effort to eat healthy and clean, though she claims to be a foodie. “Apart from that, I firmly believe that moisturizing is very important. Before sleeping, I moisturize my skin well; a simple trick to keep your skin healthy and glowing.”

The Chalay Thay Saath actress says that her makeup bag essentially contains a lip balm, blush, mascara and her favourite moisturiser. “If you talk about my go-to lipstick, then it is Razzle-Dazzler by Mac and as far as signature perfume is concerned, actually there are two – Issey Miyake and Chanel Chance. According to the actress, her favourite salons are N Pro, Meher’s Salon, and Oxygen Spa.

Sarwat Gilani

img_4The petite actress is a mother of two young boys and is currently appearing in drama serial Naulakha. According to Sarwat Gilani, she takes her supplements like vitamin C, vitamin D, biotin for hair and nails very regularly. “Every night before going to bed I use a face wash, apply night cream and also give myself a foot massage,” she reveals her beauty routine. “In the morning I wash my face with a face wash, wear my day cream and most importantly I apply sun block. Also, during the day I use products containing oxidizing ingredients. My beauty regime isn’t complete without rose water. I make sure to spritz it regularly, especially during shoots as it keeps my skin hydrated.”

When asked about her favourite spa and salon, the actress informs, “I like going to N-Pro for my manicures and pedicures. However, I am a very old school kind of a person when it comes to spas and salons. I have a maalish wali who comes everyday and massages me with a homemade body scrub which has various ingredients like olive oil, almond oil, honey, some crushed almonds and lemon.”

Sarwat shares that her beauty bag contains Nabila’s No Makeup Kit, rose water spray, Jo Malone lip balm, a perfume and her hand and foot cream. Moreover, the actress says that YSL Nude is her go-to lipstick and that she has two signature perfumes, Mademoiselle by Chanel and the Narciso Rodriguez.

Zhalay Sarhadi

img_3Zhalay Sarhadi, who was last seen in drama serial Mere Bewafa, has a young daughter, who’s growing up to be her best friend. She tells Instep that she cleanses her face in the morning and makes sure to repeat it at night, after removing her makeup. “I keep myself hydrated by drinking lots of water and moisturising my skin. And, I do not go out of the house without my sun block,” reveals Zhalay.

As far as salons are concerned, Zhalay considers N Pro and Sabs to be more like home. Talking about her makeup bag she says that it is full of every beauty product one can think of and that her signature perfume is Narciso Rodriguez.

“As for my favourite lipstick, it is Diva by Mac. I wear it as my only makeup at times.”

Maria Shirazi

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