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BEAUTY STATION! Amna Babar’s beauty secrets

The model talks to Instep about her beauty regime and shares some tips to keep your skin healthy and glowing.

BEAUTY STATION! Amna Babar’s beauty secrets

Ever wonder how supermodels have effortlessly fresh and glowing skin, even though they have to wear tons of makeup for fashion shows and photo shoots for various magazines? Well, the fact is that our fabulous models have to take extra care of their skin when they’re not posing in front of the camera.

Looking gorgeous and having flawless skin is part of their job description so when it comes to beauty, no one knows more than the models themselves as they have access to the world’s top makeup artists and skin experts.

Instep got in touch with the gorgeous Amna Babar, LSA Model of the Year (Female) 2018, for insight to her regime. Read on…

Of skincare regime

“I am not fond of wearing too much makeup; in fact, I am a firm believer of less is more,” Amna shared her personal preference. “But of course, my profession requires me to wear tons of makeup at fashions shows and shoots, etc. So, I make sure to take off all that makeup at night and cleanse. I always try to let my face breathe as much as I can. I also believe that to achieve smooth skin you have to moisturise regularly. And my beauty regime definitely includes moisturizing my skin daily with my favourite Kiehl’s serum.”

Go-to holiday look

BTS_Guerlain-Aqua-eye-serum“I don’t use much makeup so I keep it natural when I am on a holiday. My go-to holiday look includes Maybelline’s BB cream, pink blush by Mac with mascara and nude lipstick.”

Beauty trends

“I am fond of a lot of beauty trends, especially eye makeup, as one can try various looks like tweaked eye liner, negative space liner, etc. But these days I am a big fan of electric blue eye liner finished off with loads of mascara.”

Biggest beauty indulgence

“My biggest beauty indulgence is to invest in good quality cosmetics. You just can’t compromise on the products being used on your face. But if I have to name just one product then it is the Super Aqua-Eye Serum by Guerlain. I just love it.”

Favourite cosmetic brand

“It’s a tough question! We work in the beauty industry so we try almost every brand but for me nothing beats Mac, be it lipsticks, face powder or any other beauty product.”

Products I can’t live without…

BTS_Chloe-perfume“That includes mascara, pink blush and ‘Velvet Teddy’ lipstick by Mac. And not to forget my favourite perfume Eau De Parfum by Chloe.”

My makeup bag is full of…

“My makeup bag consists of blush, high lighters and nude lipsticks of different brands.”

What I learnt from beauty artists

“There are a lot of things, like how to apply highlighter and do my eyes that I have learnt from beauty artists backstage. To be honest it is a learning process. It is because of these artists that I can do my own makeup pretty well.”

A big No No

“Do you remember the trend of ‘no brows look’ that became quite the rage a few months back? Well I would never go for the weird ‘no brows look’; absolutely not my thing.”


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