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BEAUTY STATION! 4 steps to shiny hair

Simple things like brushing hair multiple times during the day helps keep it shiny but it’s a combination of different factors that shows results.

BEAUTY STATION! 4 steps to shiny hair

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We’ve all heard various totkas from our grandmothers that led us to believe things that may or may not be true about hair. While it’s true that simple things like brushing hair multiple times during the day helps keep it shiny but it’s a combination of different factors that shows results. Caring for it, carefully selecting products to nourish, protect and condition it, play a big part too.

Straight hair

Having straightened hair is an almost sure shot and the fastest way of having shiny hair. Ever notice how straight hair looks almost incandescent when it catches the light? That extra-glossy effect isn’t an illusion, flat-ironing helps ruffled hair cuticles lie flat, which creates more surface area to reflect light. One must remember to always apply heat protecting spray before and not overheat the strands of hair. If you want to save time and not worry about pulling out a straightener everytime you shower invest in a Keratin treatment. This is like a blowdry lasting up to 12 weeks – imagine getting a blowout and having it last 12 weeks. This 90-minute salon process involves ironing a smoothing complex onto the hair’s surface which enhances shine and combats frizz for as long as three months.

Wise colouring

Hair that’s both light and dark is shinier to the eye than a flat field of one shade. If your base is dark, ask your colourist for thin strands of a lighter hue which not only adds definition to the hair but also brings out the shine. Plus not all hair colors are created equal, which means you should pick good quality ones that don’t dull out your hair.

Wash smartly

Lighter coloured hair is porous and more susceptible to buildup, so it’s shiniest when it’s cleanest. Those with darker strands are at their glossiest with well-conditioned second-day hair. Try a gentle shampoo that still removes dirt and impurities but won’t strip your strands of the moisture needed to maintain a glossy sheen. To do that, use a shampoo that’s free of sulfates, and made with keratin to rebuild the hair shaft and moisture-boosting ingredients. Washing hair too often is not recommended either because it strips hair of its natural oils. Invest in a good dry shampoo.

Feed your scalp

Shiny hair is well nourished hair and healthy strands start at the roots. One can open vitamin E capsules and rub the gel directly on the hairline – the antioxidant increases circulation, which stimulates growth. Oiling hair also greatly helps along with old school methods like putting yogurt in the hair or making mixtures for your locks with egg yolks.


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