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Asrar strikes a very welcome chord


This rugged, grungy Sufiesque singer has been around since 2011 but Coke Studio and the powerful rendition of ‘Ali Ali’ gave him a solid breakthrough, bringing him under the spotlight.

Well, if you thought that Asrar’s career was limited to Coke Studio then you’re wrong because he has come back with a quirky and completely different tune in his fiddle.

Asrar recently released ‘Ishq Hawa Mein’, a single that he performed at the Pond’s Celebration of Miracle Women, hosted at the Mohatta Palace.

The song is loyal to Asrar’s Sufic tradition but is carefree and light hearted; it’s uplifting as it follows his love for travel which translates to his love for Pakistan.

A touch of Rabbi Shergill and a tinge of the nomad that Shahrukh Khan picks up in Swades for the very popular track ‘Yunhi Chala Chal Rahi’, we think Asrar strikes a very welcome chord as Pakistan’s music scene looks for inroads back into peoples’ lives.

He’s hitting the right notes and for that reason, he’s Instep’s Hotstepper of the Week!

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